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Jul 28, 2006 06:29 PM

PDX: Alfresco dining recommendations?

Friends visiting town want to dine outside for dinner tomorrow. Outstanding cuisine would be a plus, decent grub a must. Good drinks wouldn't hurt, even decent beer and wine selection. I kind of draw a blank after clarklewis (sort of outside) and maybe Cafe 820. Preferable would be a place with actual dining area, rather than one that has just jammed tables on sidewalk on busy street (cf. Olea). Any good ideas? All areas from Lake O. to NoPo considered.

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  1. Lots of places have dining areas on the sidewalks, but those aren't always on a pleasant street.

    Fenouil has a very nice area on Jamison Square--that would be my choice. If you want a place that's more casual, Apizza Scholls has a great patio area, as does the Blue Olive on Fremont. Bernie's Southern Bistro on Alberta also has an extensive deck.

    1. I agree with Nettie, Fenouil is my choice also.
      But last minute reservations might be difficult to get.
      Good luck~

      1. Thanks for the tips. I did go to Fenouil, and it was quite yummy and pleasant, albeit a tad spendy.

        1. Next time you're looking for nice outdoor dining, there are two places I would recommend besides those mentioned above:

          We have had several extremely pleasant outdoor dining experiences at Equinox (and the indoor dining is great when the weather turns). Varied menu (current favorite menu items are weeping orange monkey and any fish preparation). Reasonable prices, decent wine list, & creative cocktails. This one has found a place on our current regular rotation list.

          Equinox Restaurant
          830 N Shaver
          Portland, OR 97227
          Phone 503.460.3333
          Fax 503.460.6614
          Dinner 7 Nights 5 PM
          Sat. & Sun. Brunch 9 —2

          Sweet Basil Thai restaurant on 3135 NE Broadway, (503) 281-8337
          has a fantastic patio - the food is very good -- perhaps not as great as Chaba Thai, but the excellent patio dining brings a lot to the experience. Food-wise, our favorite things to order at Sweet Basil are the less standard items, such as the tofu larb (awesome!) and the spicy scallops served over mesclun greens - very garlicky - not your typical Thai dish.