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Jul 28, 2006 06:24 PM

How many cookbooks do you own?

The post on "you know you're a chowhound when" got me to wondering how many cookbooks chowhounds own. I own 123. I love my cookbooks.

One of my greatest pleasures is searching for vintage cookbooks...I drive all over looking for them. One of my favorite bookstores is in Jackson, CA. I spend hours looking at cookbooks...and I always buy a few.

I don't buy many of the Food Network stars cookbooks..but I do have two of Alton Browns and one of Ina Garten...and of course, Tony Bourdain's (I know...he's on the Travel Channel now).

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  1. I probably have about 300 cookbooks; mostly vintage, purchased from estate sales and thrift stores.

    One of my favorite was written by a WWII General who had a group of buddies who cooked together in the various countries in which they were stationed.. Very, very interesting--on every level.

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      1. re: Funwithfood

        What is the title? It sounds so interesting.

        1. re: Atomica

          Shamefully, this is one of the cookbooks I tore pages from (mentioned below). Because the pages are not in my "stack", the individual pages must be...somewhere?!

          When I find the info, I'll let you know.

      2. I came up with 91 - there may be a couple lolling about on my nightstand that didn't get included. Didn't include "periphery" books on cookware/cheese/wine/beer/cooking science etc. A favorite reference book of mine is called "The Complete Food Guide" - a handy paperback with illustrations of over 1,000 ingredients - useful when I don't know what something is.

        1. About 350 give or take. Every couple of years I cull and donate some that I am really sure I just will not be getting into again. But that just makes room for more.

          BTW does anyone collect the Gourmet Annuals? I got my 2006 2 weeks ago and want to make ablsoutely everyting in it. Hate the magazine and no longer subscribe, but this particulay annual my be my fovorite of all of them and I have them going back to the first and that makes 21 of them.

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          1. re: Candy

            I save Sunset magazines. Love the recipes in there..for the most part.

            So far...this thread has 864 cookbooks and 53 food magazines.

            1. re: melly

              For some reason I started getting a free subscription to Sunset - I found I did not like the recipes. I'd love to hear some of your fave Sunset recipes - I feel I must be missing something great.

              1. re: niki rothman

                I'll check in my sunset recipe box and share a couple.

            2. re: Candy

              Glad to hear I am not alone in hating GOURMET MAG. I used to love it. Ever since my Dad bright home a pile of them when I was in HS.

              I do love the Annuals thought, especially the featured country feature. I have had great success in finding them on eBay for ridiculously low prices.

            3. We have about 350-400, but that includes books about food, like Harold McGee and Jeffrey Steingarten, bot just cookbooks. Every now and then I begin to cull (I think we have three or four boxes of books in the garage that I did not include in this tally) and my husband acts like I am giving away vital organs when I donate them.

              1. I have around 165... recently started collecting (less than 2 years ago). I mainly buy newer ones and a bunch at a time so its my most expensive hobby, lol. It's my guilty pleasure, I'm a college student :P I actually made a website with an index of them but the site isn't live yet, lol.