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Jul 28, 2006 05:52 PM

Breakfast/Brunch at Pink Tea Cup-- good?

Hi All,

I searched but didn't find a recent opinion on PTC-- good for breakfast or should we pass?

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  1. I had breakfast there once. While most of the dishes we ordered were all right (yummy cheese grits) the pancakes were awful - tasted of baking powder and were, well, flat as a pancake (ha). The atmosphere is nothing to write home about. While I wouldn't refuse to eat there, I can't say that I am in any hurry to return.

    1. Native Southerner here, and I enjoy the breakfasts at the Pink Tea Cup a *lot.*

      I've never ordered the pancakes there, so I can't speak to Rosalita's experience (which sounds yucky); what I usually get is soft-scrambled eggs with grits and homefries, and one of the following meats: smoked sausage, fried whiting, or salmon croquettes (all very authentic choices for a soul food breakfast!)

      If they had decent country ham I would move in and have my mail forwarded (well, for breakfast, anyway.)

      1. Breakfast at the pink tea cup is very good I;m there alot. I have had the pancakes a few times and have never had a bad experience. Try it.