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Jul 28, 2006 05:28 PM


Frida is a Mexican restaurant on a bustling street in Beverly Hills. Though there are many Mexican restos in LA (given, we are north of Mexico), it is quite the competitor of Mako across the street.

The room is dark and loud – families and couples pack the tables. There is no shortage of patronage at 8:30 on a Thursday evening. Celebrities are spotted, happy birthdays are sung.

The menu is on both sides of a huge board, as are the drinks. The dishes are very generous, so we decide to share. Before we order, though, out comes a basket piled high with chips, along with three ‘dips’: a very spicy green chile sauce, a red tomato-like base, and spicy salsa. Another basket of warm corn tortillas are brought. Then we ordered.

Mole Poblano El Rey: Chicken in a chile chocolate sauce, with rice and beans (we subbed with refried black beans). LoveD this. The dish was huge and gastronomically attractive. The chicken was completely swamped in the most delicious, sesame-topped mole I’ve ever tasted (I was tempted to sop it up with the tortilla and chips). The beans were also delicious – so hot at first, I almost burned my mouth!
Pozole: Seafood or chicken (we chose seafood) stew with hominy and guajillo chile. It was also served with two crunchy, round-side tostadas, radishes, onions, and lemons on the side. I loved this soup – it was chock full of spices, shrimp, fish, and this peculiar vegetable we couldn’t immediately identify; we thought it was lotus seeds, but they said it was actually some sort of white corn!
Resplandor de mango: mixed greens, grapes, mangos, caramelized walnuts, and goat cheese with passion fruit dressing. Very refreshing salad, a mountain of greens. It balanced the rest of the spicy meal, but it was a good thing we ordered the dressing on the side – much too sweet when all mixed in!
No room for dessert – bill was about $44, without drinks.

I adore this place and will definitely return. A good time, mixed with a great companion, coupled with attentive, quick, and kind service, and bound with some of the most mouth-watering dishes in town, make for a wonderful meal here.

236 S. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your dinner there. The vegetable in your soup is "pozole", or Hominy. One of my favorite things in the world.

    While I still prefer Babitas and La Huasteca for an overall high end Mexican Experience. I have to do a shout out for Frida's Tacos. I had the Rib Eye and Carnitas tacos and they made my knees weak... too bad a plate costs $10+!!!


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    1. re: Dommy

      Thanks for the definition! The server was very kind in trying to explain, but I get it now. :)

    2. I was always curious about this place - menu looked good. Just wasnt sure about Beverly Hills but if its as good as Mako im there!

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        bba - it is a good restaurant, yet the ingredients are so different. Mako uses more expensive ones, and thus has higher prices and the dishes are prepared to a higher qualitative level. That said, Frida is way better than you should expect, especially for high rent b/hills.

      2. good to hear! This place is in my neighborhood, but I've never been.

        Does anyone know how their margaritas are?

        1. I'll second the rave for Frida. My girlfriend and I first went there during the tail end of an argument... And all between us was quickly forgiven and forgotten when the first margarita hit the table. Maybe not a world class margarita, but it goes great with the food that follows.

          As for the mole poblano, it's easily my favorite mole in all of LA. Rich, savory, and with all the heady undercurrents of chocolate and spice you can stand. The whole plate is mouth wateringly good.

          Love this place!

          1. Lobster taco plate with rice and beans...nice amount of lobster and succulent sauce...nice tequilla selection...also, the caramel pancakes desert is awesome, if you have room