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What's Your Favorite Bottled Water?

Of course, not all bottled waters are the same.

My favorite is Crystal Geyser from the Mt Shasta source. Tastes pure and fresh to me. In my mind, it is better than the Olancha Peak source.


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  1. flat = Volvic....bubbly = Badoit...

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    1. Volvic also. I don't drink carbonated water.

      btw, this was a recent thread. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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        Sorry, don't know how I missed it. Duh.


      2. For the price, I really like the Whole Foods sparkling Italian mineral water. Also like Gerolsteiner (probably butchering the name).

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          Yes, it's a great value...I especially like finding the 6-packs of plastic bottles. I also like Galvanina a lot.

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            Yes - we just discovered the plastic ones on our last WF trip - they are cheaper, and the empty bottles have become great entertainment for our dog. Only down side is that you don't get the case discount that we used to get with the case of glass bottles.

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            I vote Gerolsteiner as well...nothing like salty water...my dude insists its the Magnesium that I like, not the sodium. neverthless I can't get enough of the stuff. After that, Apolonaris ...Those Deutch sure do have some swell H20.

          3. Elgin, Minnesota Tap

            ...treated with a Kenmore water softener.

            I pour it into my wife's empty Dasani bottle every day before I walk out the door.

            1. plain ol poland spring and vitamin water

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                I like Fiji VERY much..flavorful and great mouth feel!

              2. I am quite addicted to La Croix. Plain, Lemon and Orange. It is very thirst quenching. I was not a fan of fizzy water but at a party this spring when I did not want alcohol and was very thirsty because of some medication I was on I was handed a can of the lemon, icy, icy cold and was hooked. The bubbles are very fine, it is more a suggestion of fizz than like what you might find in other sparkling waters. My DH loves the plain in a scotch and soda. Oh, 0 calories, 0 sweetening, 0 carbs. Just light sparkle and flavor. I don't like it over ice as much as straight but really cold.

                1. My wife and I went camping in France for three weeks during a hot summer. We must have tried every French bottled water. Evian was the only one that could quench our thirst.

                  1. Fiji - but I love it for the square bottle. I like the taste, but like the bottle more.

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                      I love Fiji and Volvic for the same reason as well.

                    2. bubbly - pelegrino; flat - evian

                      1. Evian but ONLY in a glass bottle.

                        No plastic for me ...

                        1. Sam's Club inexpensive bottled water for flat water and Pellegrino for water with gas.

                            1. Volvic - still
                              Pellegrino - gas

                              I like Pellegrino becauase it is lightly carbonated.

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                                If you like lightly carbonated, then wait til you try Badoit. It is a French water just starting to hit the shelves here in the Washington, DC area.

                              2. with gas: Pellegrino without gas: Voss

                                1. I agree, I like Crystal Geyser, the Roxanne spring one, for flat. I, too, find the Olancha spring just a little too "minerally."
                                  The sparkling water that I liked best was called Sheffield's O2 and was an oxygenated spring water bottled at what was then Chateau St Jean winery in Kenwood CA.

                                  1. I LOVE Aqua Panna that is found in some restaurants and offerred in the room at some higher end hotels.

                                    I'm also a FIGI fan. I agree - the square bottle is a big part of the charm.

                                    As far as my "gas station" or convenient store choice - I prefer Dasani.

                                    1. The best bottle water was that which I filled up on a glacier walk in Alaska. Which I could market that stuff.

                                      1. Aquafina and Poland Spring sparkling.

                                        1. The tastiest water that I have found so far is Ty Nant from Cardiff, Wales.

                                          It is a slightly sparkling water in a cobalt blue bottle (packaged this way long before it became commonplace).

                                          It is so clean and refreshing, works really well with Scotch and Bourbon too.

                                          Fiji water has way too much flouride flavor, IMHO.

                                          1. VOLVIC! In France it says (I think) "good for babies, for pregnant ladies..." etc.

                                            Evian when I'm hung over or whatnot, it seems like I'm having a meal...drinking milk...doing the body some good after the more "pure" taste of VOLVIC.

                                            Has anyone seen Sarah Silverman's "Jesus is Magic"? SHE like Fiji it seems...

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                                            1. re: George

                                              In a taste test at Cooks Illustrated, the 2 top bottled waters were Volvic and Fiji

                                            2. Fiji, although I like to mix it up. And Pellegrino and Perrier for sparkling.

                                              Overheard at Blockbuster's:
                                              "Fiji's 6 pack is the same as a 24 of Dasani."
                                              "Yeah, but Fiji water is da bomb!"
                                              "I don't drink water but I love Fiji!"

                                              1. Non-gassed Spa or Volvic
                                                Packaging-Voss I made the mistake of not asking the price when I was offered water in a restaurant, and said yes to the Voss. I found out later that it was a 22 dollar bottle of water! It was good but nothing is that good. I keep the bottle with flowers in my office and use it for my caveat emptor story.

                                                1. Le Bleu. Despite the name, it's bottled in North Carolina. Very clean, crisp, almost sweet. The flavor reminds me a little of Fiji.

                                                  1. maybe an old joke, but what's evian spellt backwards?

                                                    1. Volvic, without a doubt.

                                                      1. Aquafina or Aqua Panna.