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Jul 28, 2006 05:26 PM

Inexpensive French restaurants in Toronto?

Any suggestions of an inexpensive french restaurant? I've been to Pony but they're out of my way.

When $$ is a non-issue, I like to go to Herbs or Trappers in North York.

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  1. Le Paradis or La Palette (though I must say that my most recent meal at La Palette was pretty mediocre and the service was just odd).

    1. There is La Bodega in Baldwin Village which I don't think is too expensive, as well as Midi Bistro on McCaul which is fantastic!

      1. You need to clarify your question a bit. You mention restaurants in North York as being favourites, and you say that Pony (on College) is out of your way. So when you say you're looking for inexpensive French restaurants in "Toronto", can I assume that you mean ones that are not in downtown Toronto, but in the Mega-City, preferably in North York?

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          Juniper, I live in North East of the GTA so College & Bathurst is kind of out of my way. Honestly I'm open with any suggestions as long as food is good and not too expensive. I've been to Le Paradis and Pony. In terms of food, I prefer Le Paradis over Pony.

        2. A really good French bistro at an awesome price will have to be Batifole - the best French restaurant in Chinatown!!! They have a prix fix menu with lots of choices. Their bread is exceptional.

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            Love Batifole too, but it's closed for renovations until Friday Aug. 11 according to a sign on the door.

          2. Recently had fine bistro fare at Le Select Bistro on Wellington. Link: My husband enjoyed his choucroute garnie ($25) and my bouillabaisse was garlicky and briny and seafood not overcooked, yum ($27). Entrees are in the $20 to $30 range. Good wine list, also nice cheese selections after dinner. Service was excellent, and the dining room was lovely-- but we preferred eating outside on the patio.

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            1. re: Avid Rita

              Second le Select - mostly excellent service, nice decor, and just very good food. Has the bistro thing down, steak frites, cassoulet, duck confit, etc.