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Jul 28, 2006 05:25 PM

Best place to buy a rice cooker in Los Angeles?

Best place to buy a rice cooker in Los Angeles?

Maybe Mitsuwa in J-Town?

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  1. Yes, or any Asian market, like 99 Ranch.

    1. Depends on the type you're looking for. From my experience (though, given my seldomness @ cooking rice, I wouldn't consider myself an expert,) the Japanese rice cookers tend to have more bells and whistles (the ones sold at Mitsuwa, Marukai, etc.) whereas the Chinese ones (sold at 99 ranch or Tak Shing Hong (sp?) in Monterey Park) tend to be very simple but consistent.

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        I second Tak Shing Hong. Many choices, and generally cheaper. The Japanese markets are usually a bit more expensive.

      2. They tend to be cheaper, and just as good, at the Chinese markets in town. The big markets in the San Gabriel Valley usually have good stocks. I live in Silverlake and the A-Grocery Warehouse on Sunset (not too bad of a local Asian market at that) carries several quite reputable brands at reasonable prices. I'm very happy with my Zojirushi Neuro-Fuzzy.

        1. It really depends on how often you're going to cook rice and the volume. If you're feeding your family rice every night (like my mom used to do) or frequently make sushi where the quality of the cooking is important, splurge and get a Zojirushi (the one with the little elephant logo) that cooks more evenly and keeps the rice warm. If you make it just once in a while, just get one of the Chinese basic ones and realize that every once in while you'll get some brown or crusty spots on the bottom of the rice (although some people like that part the best and eat it with broth or tea).

          Mitsuwa carries the high-end ones. 99 Ranch carries both the cheap and expensive ones.

          1. There are tons of appliance places in K-Town, which may be closer to your geographic location than SGV or J-Town. One that I frequent is called Kim's Appliance (I think it's Kim...) on Olympic near Vermont. They have rice cookers and various other kitchen necessities. Or you can order one online...