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Jul 28, 2006 05:24 PM

best place to go for something sweet in north beach?

craving something sweet in north beach NOW! any suggestions?

- Sarah

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  1. Cookies at Stella bakery on Columbus.

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    1. re: djh

      i second that.
      their jam filled shortbread cookies are amazing.

        1. re: Junie D

          I have a soft spot for their Napoleons

          1. re: Junie D

            thanks all for the suggestions. we ended up with the cannolis which were fabulous... and i got a slice of the sacripantina on a subsquent visit. omg... so light and fluffy. it was like having forkfuls of sweet whipped air!

        2. XOX Truffles-for caramel truffle-The Best!
          Gelateria Naia-good gelatos
          Sacripantina (sponge cake with zabaglione) or pignoli cookies-at Stella Bakery

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          1. re: hhc

            I read about the caramel truffles the other day on CH and since I was feeling a little sorry for myself this afternoon, I picked up a mixed box, but the caramel ones, won the competition hands down. That he was boling up a pan of caramel in the store when I visited didn't help my willpower much. It smelt so buttery and delicious. Next time I am just getting the caramel ones only.

            1. re: Sixy

              The peanut butter are might fine too.

          2. xox truffles
            754 Columbus Avenue
            (between Filbert & Greenwich)
            San Francisco, CA 94133

            Victoria Pastry
            1362 Stockton

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              1. Everyone's suggestions are rigth on - even though I prefer the Amaretto truffles from xox, but do try the 'white' hot chocolate at Cafe Roma, and the dark chocolate gelato at Mara's - the best chocolate gelato in the neighborhood.

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                1. re: Gary SF

                  Does Mara's make their own gelato?

                  Tell me about the white hot chocolate. I have yet to have a good version of this. To me it just tastes like sweetened milk with butter in it ... sort of reminds me of Tibetan yak tea. However, Cafe Roma is my favorite coffee shop in North Beach and I'm iterested in hearing what it tastes like.

                  1. re: Gary SF

                    Best chocolate gelato in the hood? Better than the peppery chocolate at Naia? The one which I cannot spell, but if I tried would look like 'xoclatl'. That was some darn good gelato.