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Jul 28, 2006 05:19 PM

Upcoming trip on Trans-Canada highway, Vancouver going East

We are leaving soon to drive the Trans-Canada and wouldd appreciate input for good food at reasonable prices. Thanks!

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      1. re: John Manzo

        We are going to Niagra Falls, and traveling mostly on the Trans-Canada Highway that is furthest south.

        1. re: roadtripper

          You should probably post on the "Canada" general board then. You're basically asking where to eat in Canada. Your question is just incredibly broad. Thousands of comments could not cover every place that might fit your requirements.

          TCH does not go to Niagara Falls btw. If you're heading off it, then it gets even broader beacause you have Toronto in the mix now too.

      2. Thanx for the help. Obvously this is a first for us. We will avoid cities if at all possible. At present, it is our plan to stay on TCH until last possible moment, then turn south. It may be a chicken and egg problem. We would go off the highway to have foodie adventures and/or spectacular scenery so it is difficult to be specific about the route. In other words, I don't know how to respond to your remarks because we are more interested in the journey than the destination.

        1. Ah, Manzo, always shooting from the hip, that's what I like about you. Remember that not everyone thinks as we do!!!

          To roadtripper. I can give you some suggestions from Vancouver to Strathmore but that's as far east as I go.

          My first reco would be The Home Restaurant in Hope. Great little home-cooking coffee-shop. The "ClubHome" sandwich is amazing!

          If you decide to stay on the TCH thru Kamloops, take your pick of chains there. The Fraser Canyon is more scenic than the Coquihalla, but the Coke offers more dining choices in Westbank, Kelowna, and Vernon.

          Nevertheless, you will eventually hit Sicamous. For your sweet tooth, stop at either D Dutchman Dairy For ice cream, or the corner store at Hwy 1 and 97, they have a great gelato counter. In Revelstoke, you can get some amazing calamari at Luna's... just get off the TCH and head into "downtown"

          A must is Truffled Pigs Bistro near Field, simply amazing food
 For Banff/LakeLouise/Canmore, there are many prior threads on this board, check them out. The same goes for Calgary, though I will plug the A&A deli (20th Ave and 13 St NW, 4 blocks north of the TCH (16th Ave) for great quick lebanese take-out. I also love the hearty, classic pub food, atmosphere and reasonable prices at "The Station" in Strathmore - 40 minutes east of Calgary.

          That's as far as I go, my friend.

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          1. re: newJJD

            newJJD - thank you very much. Your help is greatly appreciated and just what we were looking for - we will use your advice as a guide! Anybody else?

          2. The original comment has been removed