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Jul 28, 2006 05:14 PM


I have used Angostura with some success in bean dishes and the like and there is one other bitter i have used as well (name escapes me). I run a bar and there we use Angostura in several drinks. However, this is a little, obscure culinary niche that i have not really explored. Anyone have any thoughts on brands and ways to use them in food?

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  1. Peychaud bitters are becoming more available around the country. Got to have them for a Sazerac cocktail. I have not tried them in cooking. Maybe when oyster season rolls around again I might try them in Oysters Rockefeller. They are made in New Orleans and I do find the flavor more subtle than Angostura

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      Peychauds in the name that i could not rememeber. Are their other brands widely available? We use Peychauds for Sazeracs, Old Fashions and with soda to get rid of the hiccups. That might be good on oysters. It has been a pretty hot summer in Louisiana but i risked it and had some oysters last weekend at Felix's in New Orleans and they were excellent

    2. Angostura bitters will add some zip to apple sauce or any apples served with pork.

      1. We use peach bitters in several fruit-based cocktails.

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          huh, do you know if peach bitters are availble online?

        2. my mom adds it to marinades for beef

          1. I used to know a man who used peycheauds bitters in a lot of dishes. Basically anything you would add Worcestershire sauce to like meats. Took me quite awhile to figure out that flavor I couldn't quite put my finger on was peycheauds. It has a slightly sweeter and more aromatic taste than angastora. Can't make turtle soup without it...