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Best high-end butter?

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  1. Salted or sweet? I really like Pamplie, for one....

    1. Lactantia My Country cultured unsalted

      1. I like: Pamplie, L'Echire, Sill Le Gall de Bretagne, Double Devon, Vermont Butter & Cheese, Ronnybrook

        Disappointing for me: La Baratte des Gourmets, Strauss Family Butter, Parmigiano-Reggiano by Monteniari, Lescure, Kerrygold Irish, Lurpak, Ben's

        Still on the lookout...

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          I like Plugra for every day use, and Vermont Butter & Cheese for spreading on bread. I too was disappointed by Lurpak.

        2. For cooking I usually use Cabot 83 and I like Vermont Butter & Cheese cultured, but I have to admit we use Kerrygold most for spreading. Sometimes Brazilian butter from Minas Gerais, but it varies in quality. Had a few others, but these are the easiest to purchase.

          1. It comes down to personal taste - I got used to Lurpak in Germany, and still feel that it's one of the best tasting euro-fat butters, and the most reasonably priced for day to day (salted, table-top). I love Vermont Butter & Cheese, but it costs more than $1 more per 1/2 lb than Lurpak - $9/lb just gets to be too much to be spending for something you're spreading on bread almost every day.

            For cooking, it's Plugra unsalted from TJ's in the commercial 1 lb wax paper block. Hard to beat the price, and it's perfectly fine for cooking most things.

            1. Ooh, I LOVE butter! Neither of our favorites are super super high-end, but both can be found pretty easily at Whole Foods and other grocery stores.

              In our house, these are our preferences:

              Plugra, for baking/cooking.

              Kerrygold, for just plain eating (too soft to cook with, but that's why it's perfect for slathering on bread and such).

              1. I like unsalted Plugra, I've tried a variety of others (when I can't find Plugra) but still like this one best. Why... all I can think of is great butter taste - I'll have to develope my vocabulary for butter.

                1. Cabot Salted Butter won first prize for salted butter at the recent cheese awards -- has anyone tried it?

                  1. I have learned so much reading this. I have been shopping for butter in the wrong stores. Before bedtime tomorrow, better butter buying is my quest.

                    1. I like the Strauss Family Creamery butter, from Marin County just north of San Francisco. In NYC it is sold only at Whole Foods.


                      P.S. fauchon, do you wear brown to work, and have a green tea pot?

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                        Hi! I'm a NYer, so it's all black, all the time. (LOL) As for tea pots, I have lots. None of them green. And you?

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                          Sorry, thought you might have been someone I met in NYC at a certain foodie event. Those two things were unique to him, I think, so I thought I'd ask just to see. Oh, he also LOVED Fauchon, and tea, and butter, which is why I thought you might be that guy!

                          P.S. I'm a mostly black wardrobe and brown tea pot (for everyday use).

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                            I have a brown tea pot, too. Don't all tea drinkers? My current favorite butter is Beurre d'Isigny...I notice no one else has mentioned it. I love it but, still, always want to know MORE!!! PS: I'm a she....

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                              LOL! Funny now most of the time I don't associate gender with user names unless they are overtly male (ie Robert Lauriston) or overtly female (ie Ruth Lafler)! I guess a Chowhound is a Chowhound regardless of gender, location, wardrobe, or preferred tea pot color!

                      2. Vermont Butter and Cheese Company, cultured butter. Lightly salted. It is great for cooking and spreading. So good.

                        1. One day, [name deleted] and I were making Ina Garten's Banana-Nut Muffins. I reached for the butter and was told "no, not that . . . use Pflugra as it's the best." So I did. And them were darn fine muffins!


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                            Yup, for cooking Plugra hits the right balance of quality for price. You get the high butterfat content for under $4/lb.

                            But I use others for spreading on bread.

                          2. CI blind-tested butters recently, and their winner was Land O' Lakes Ultra. Haven't tried it, myself.

                            1. I most often buy President Butter I can get at Trader Joe's for my "special butter". Plugra's salted is good; tried another French butter I got at WF a few weeks ago; it was fair (can't remember the name) but didn't have the mouthfeel to it.

                              Vermont Butter & Cheese is also go; KerryGold is only OK for me.