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Jul 28, 2006 05:11 PM

Favorite English bitter?

After avoiding ales for most of my adult life, I've developed a taste for Redhook ESB. Tried the IPA and found it too hoppy and metallic for my taste. Tried Fullers ESB and liked it. Don't care for Boddingtons or Newcastle Brown. Are there any decent domestic bitter beers comparable to Redhook? Something I'm likely to find in a larger grocery or gourmet store?

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  1. There's a San Diego producer named AleSmith that makes a great ESB called Anvil.

    Overall though, the best examples of this style are still in England. If you like Fuller's, you should also check out Marston's Pedigree.

    Rogue makes a bitter called Brutal Bitter, but it's probably too hoppy for your palate.

    1. Not domestic, but three other English ESBs you might like are Young's Special London Ale, Adnams SSB and Bath Ales Gem.

      Most of the best domestic ESBs are very hoppy and you may not like them.