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Jul 28, 2006 04:58 PM

Ame. Have you been? How are the desserts?

I'm thinking of going into Ame. Anyhing I must try? Have you been more than once? How do the desserts stack up, do they match the food?? Should I go for lunch or dinner? Thanks!!

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  1. If you do a search you'll find lots of results including mine (think it's titled "Ame-semiong." We had my wife's birthday dinner there about a moneh ago. In a word it was "fantastic."

    Dessert for us were some baby donuts that were outstanding. We really wanted something very light as both of us were pretty full.

    1. Desserts are boring as hell. Not to eulogize Winterland one more time, but they had darn good desserts.

      Unless it has changed dramatically since the winter, Ame's desserts use first rate ingredients, amazingly beautiful ingredients, into predictable desserts that totally let me down.

      I had a carrot cake/cheese cake?? because I thought the question mark would indicate some twist, some surprise, some creativity, some imagination. Nope. It was a good carrot cake atop a good cheesecake. Very dull.

      I had an ice cream sunday (again the name was inventive, someting about a monkey tail, and indeed there was a money shaped cookie hanging from the side of the tall sundae glass by its tail). The ice cream was excellent, there was some liquor in it, some whipped cream obviously whipped fresh. But it's a dish I can make at home, except with lower quality ingredients.

      1. should you take me with you ;)

        1. I've been three times and been impressed by at least one thing every time. I think Ame has some amazingly delicious food, but stick to the crudos, fish and the asian influenced dishes. The entrees are much less creative and interesting. If it came from something that has legs, skip it.