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Jul 28, 2006 04:41 PM

Randolph saturday breakfast

Friends have deputized me to help them find a nice breakfast/lunch place in Randolph. To quote their email: "Every year, we fail miserably and drive there only to eat crappy food. Any Chowhound advice? We're desperate as [the friend they're visiting - name withheld] has suggested eating at I-Hop."

Any suggestions? I did a search and saw several positive references to Lyndell's, but I get the impression that's more of a bar with good pizza, yes? And I think Caffe Bella is probably much too fancy, and probably not open for saturday brunch/lunch anyway. I think a bakery/cafe kind of place would be ideal, but anything with good, reasonable breakfast would be great. Save my houndish friends from Ihop! Thanks!

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  1. For bagels, go to Zeppy's on Route 28 north (between Randolph center and Route 128). their bagels are excellent, and they also have other baked goods that are decent. No place to sit there, though! We usually set up our chairs in the parking lot and eat the bagels there.

    For a good breakfast spot with full serive, head over to South Braintree, which a few minutes away, and hit Ashley's in the center of town. They are quick, cheap, and friendly, and the food is very good.

    1. For pizza, you should Zack's in the middle of town on Main St. It is the best you will ever eat. Should be $6-7 per pie and comes out piping hot. Oh the memories. I grew up on this every friday night.

      1. A childhood friend and I seem to recall a good breakfast place in the Sudbury Farms shopping center. Neither of us lives there anymore so you may want check with your friend to see if it still exists.

        1. Sal's, 1151 N. Main St. Randolph. Good Eggs Benedict and a mean Bloody Mary. Many other breakfast and lunch items. The place in Sudbury Farms center is closed.

          1. Hope this isn't too late for you-did you mean Sat the 29th?

            Anyway, just outside Randolph, heading north on RT 28 (easy exit off 128) is Newcomb Farms in Milton--food's great, especially banana bread french toast if you're looking for something rich, and it's cute, too!