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Jul 28, 2006 04:41 PM

SFO chow - again

I have read through the numerous posts on SFO chow. Getting a ride to the airport around 5 and would like to get food for my family and for the person taking us to the airport and her family so she doesn't have to make dinner.

My 4 year old is begging me to take him to Wendy's (cursed by a recent trip through the desert of Nevada which the only place I knew my son could eat was Wendy's).

So, any great take out food RIGHT off the highway (we will have no time) between Palo Alto and SFO (101 or 280 routes OK).

One other major caveat - I am allergic to soy sauce, so most Asain food is out. Mexican would be great.

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    1. re: hhc

      Alas - their marinade has soy sauce...

      Think I am going to just have to eat at the airport, or grab a taco on the way if I have time to head through RWC

    2. There is a food court in the South Terminal that is before security --there is pizza, Mexican, burgers and Japanese.
      It's fast and not too expensive and not all that difficult to park and enter. If you are leaving from a different building there is a bus to all terminals.

      The South Terminal Concourse E

      very easy parking in the short term garage first or second levels near C entrance (follow signs for Frontier Airlines) About five dollars for the first hour --
      This area never seems very crowded and the food court always seems to have plenty of seats

      1. In-N-Out Burger is right off the Millbrae exit from 101.