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Jul 28, 2006 04:31 PM

Scones in Pittsburgh

Having just mentioned my bad scone experience at Six Penn Kitchec, where are there good scones in Pittsburgh? My favorite so far is from Cafe Richard in the Strip. It's an excellent scone and I'd like to find something comparable or even better. They keep rotating the same three flavors and I want something different.

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  1. Rick....Cafe Richard is an excellent find. It is like being back in Midi-Pyrenees without the airfare.

    1. you may like Il Picolo Forno or even Enrico's both close in the Strip!

      1. Cafe Richard has slipped A LOT since it first opened. Products always run out and pastries are often stale and they have a woman who works there who is REALLY RUDE. The carrot cake which was once REALLY REALLY good, is now like dog chow. Piccolo Forno has great pastries, not sure about desserts. I heard there's a new bakery/patisserie opening on Ellsworth in Shadyside

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          PGHBEERHOUND: Do you know the name of this new bakery? What's the buzz?