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Jul 28, 2006 04:23 PM

Greek place, 3rd St. Prom., Santa Monica info/report?

Got talked into going to S.M. a couple of weekends ago and ended up strolling up the Promenade, which I have mostly avoided like the plague since its near-total mall-ification.

Noticed an ostensibly Greek cafe sort of place. Noticed the prices, which seemed like they were paying way too much for rent.

Anyone have any report? Is there now Greek food in LA so unspeakably wonderful as to make a gyro sammich worth $15?

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  1. Okay,

    The place is called the Stop In Cafe. The greek food is mediocre at best. The prices are outrageous... but...

    If you EVER have the chance to stop in again... get the "$8.95 Greek Cheeseburger" It is good. It is very, very good.

    It's comes on a dense eggy bun. It comes with about four ounces of garlicky hummus. It comes with a roughly four ounce wedge of tart feta cheese. It comes with fresh crisp sliced pickles. It comes with crunchy iceburg lettuce. It comes with a thick slice of purple onion. It comes with a thick slice of beefsteak tomato. All piled into a mouth stetching, pug-burger-like tower.

    And it comes with half a plate of perfectly crispy steak fries. This is good news... the hummus and feta will drip upon them creating a gorgeous mess af crunchy, salty, garlicy, unctuousness. And the catsup on the table as though there wasn't enough going on already.

    It is very, very good. So good that my vegetarian wife always orders one with a vegiburger patty because she can't bear to watch me eat it without having one herself.


    ...they can't seem to cook the patty to order... they may say they will, but they won't. I'm of the opinion that, in the case of this ONE burger, the doneness of the patty won't register (there's too much going on on the plate to even really notice... and the patty retains a nice beefy flavor). And, the rest of the menu is pretty bleak.

    Remember, we are talking about the GREEK cheeseburger... not the standard one, which is a pale shadow of it's Hellenistic cousin.

    Go forth and sin no more.