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Blue Point Grill in Princeton

I know that this place serves mostly simply prepared seafood and is a bit overpriced from what I heard. Anyone been there lately with tips on what to order?

Thanks a lot!

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  1. I absolutely love the monkfish! I beleive it is a special, so it might not be on the regular menu. I always order this whenever we go. The monkfish is prepared sauteed over mashed potato and brocolli rabe. It has a light broth to it so it is not overkill with sauce.

    1. Blue Point Grill is really at its best when it comes to oysters. The fish there is of course very nice, if expensive, but even moderately reasonable cooks can do just as well with decent ingredients at home. But who really wants to shuck? So, if you are not afraid of eating oysters in the summer and go with a friend, bring a bottle of sauvignon blanc from corkscrew and get 2 dozen of kumamoto oysters and a few appetizers and sides -- mussles in white wine mustard sauce, grilled octopus, sardines, chowder (the white one), a side of french beans or even brussel sprouts. If you require an entree, whole bass, crab cakes (both fried) and scallops are very nice.

      1. For a restaurant that has its own fish market next door, I was really disappointed by the quality of the fish. Not that it wasn't fresh, it just wasn't prepared well. Whoever was in the kitchen overcooked every fish dish we had in a party of 6.

        I do agree with thegenia - the oysters were marvelous. I'd go with those and maybe some other appetizers. But the fish just wasn't worth the expense.

        1. OOOPS!!! I just realized that I was thing of BIG FISH in Princeton...not Blue Point Grille! I am sorry, but I posted the wrong place!

          Blue Point Grille I do not like at all!!! We eat there a few times and nothing ever stood out in my mind as wonderful! Go to Big Fish instead. As SarahEats posted, the quality of the fish is not that good at all and it is quite pricey.

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            I'm now a bit confused as to which place we're talking about, so I'll comment on both.

            Big Fish (in the Carnegie Center shopping mall off of Route 1) sucks big-time. They screwed up the simplest piece of fish and the service was amateurish. Seriously, this was atrocious.

            Blue Point Grill (on Nassau St.) is good, but the lines can be insane. I thought the specials were good, but the prices were a bit high. On their more typical menu items, the prices were better and the fish was good. On the side, I liked their sweet potatoes.

          2. Thanks for the tip about the Blue Point Grill overcooking food...I think we will absoultely pass on that one seeing that not all of us are oyster fanatics (although I am!) and we ate at a similar place in Florida that killed the food nixing any freshness.

            Is the Big Fish *that* good (I see that it's part of a chain and immediately an upscale Red Lobster or Bonefish Grill pops in my head)? The reason I am asking is that we are picking up my son at camp in Princeton and if the Big Fish is say only average (I hear that the restaurant scene in Princeton is not Ivy League) perhaps we should try another type of food while we're up there. I think not Mexican or greasy Chinese food though.

            Tell me what you think and thanks for the tips!

            1. I ate at Big Fish right after it opened and wasn't impressed. My husband and I tried at least 5 times to eat there over the years and each time it was either a 2-hour wait or they were closed for a private party. We finally decided someone or something was trying to prevent us from eating there. From what I hear, though, the food isn't all that great. But I can't speak from experience.

              Are you looking for lunch or dinner? And how many people?

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                Thanks for the note! I was worried a little about Big Fish too seeing the long lines that chains seem to generate (which we really don't want.) It's just three of us (my son is 10) and we're looking for a relatively fast, good dinner before heading home. In looking at the options out there (and not wanting to venture into Trenton unnecessarily) we are thinking about Conti's pizza.

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                  If you want to stay in the Princeton area, Conte's is OK. I've only been a handful of times for work functions and the pizza is pretty good. For dinner (depending on the day) you might have to wait since they get crowded fast. If pizza is the way you want to go, there's Pizza Star in the Princeton Shopping Center that makes really good pizza.

                  You said you didn't want to do Mexican, but if you change your mind, I've always been a fan of Mexican Village, which is right down the street from Conte's. Also in the Princeton Shopping center is a fun hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant as well as a good Chinese place (not greasy at all).

              2. If you are thinking Chinese--Sunny Gardens just down a bit from Big Fish is good. Big Fish, while part of a chain, has quite good food--I am often surprised at how good it is.

                1. This is my all-time favorite fish restaurant, maybe my all-time favorite restaurant, period. The fish is never more than 72 hours out of the water and is prepared simply, so you can actually taste the fish. If you go, you must order the daily combo special. It is expensive ($28ish) but the fish is always amazing. If you love fish, this is the place to go.
                  As for the negative reviews- next time you go, order the combo special and you will not be disappointed.... that is unless you are looking for tuna in ponzu sauce

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                    Nj, welcome to Chowhound. We also enjoy BPG a lot and get there every couple of months. Only problem is getting there at the right time as the wait can be awful (no reservations). Here is a recent thread from a visit this summer.

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                      We went to Big Fish once and weren't that impressed. The food wasn't bad, but it didn't seem worth the price. That was a couple of years ago. I just looked at the menu on their website, and it looks like they've changed it from what I remember. We might give it another chance based on what some folks are saying. Honestly, I'd rather go get a reliable meal at John Henry's if I'm going to be forking over that kind of money.

                      I've not been to the Blue Point, but I've heard good things about it from friends who've gone there.

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                        Blue Point serves the best and freshest fish around. See the link in tom246's post above for recent reports.

                        Big Fish on the other hand, is just an upscale Red Lobster. If this place wasn't in a busy mall with a movie theater attached and Route 1 out it's door, it would have been gone a while ago.