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Jul 28, 2006 04:16 PM

Dinner and Happy Hours in the Pearl District PDX

Looking for suggestions for happy hour and on to a Dinner
Heard about Vault for Drinks. Food(moderate) like Henry's or Holdens
All opinions welcome

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  1. I don't know what their prices are, but Andina does nice drinks and great ceviche if you're into that.

    1. I haven't been in about a year or two, but Daily Cafe used to be a good moderately priced dinner in the Pearl. It's at the corner of NW 13th and Kearney. No bar, so they have beer and wine, but no cocktails.

      Andina's bar/tapas menu is very good, interesting, and reasonably priced. Drinks are good too and are discounted for HH. If I picked Andina, I'd stay here for the drinks and the food, instead of moving on after the HH...maybe going to Vault after dinner (if I didn't have to many pisco sours, that is, because they are really good there).

      Vault is a neat place for drinks. Their drink menu is a book. They have a couple of good choices that are like drinking dessert (the Almond Joy, comes to mind). Problem could be getting a seat there as it is not very large, yet it is very popular.

      aura (directly across Burnside from Powell's) used to do a decent happy hour with discounted drinks and food. A HH here and then a walk to Daily Cafe could be a nice evening.

      Lots of folks like Oba! and bluehour, but they tend to be too much of a meat market and scene for me. Vault can be too, though.

      Another choice for a good yet reasonable meal in the Pearl is Eleni's Philoxenia. I generally like the apps better than the entrees at Eleni's. Just be careful what you order as many things come with tomato sauce and feta on them - and too many of those on the table and things start to taste the same.

      1. Olea has a beautiful space and happy hour from 3-7 (i think). They have happy hour food including cured meats and house made pate. My fave was the serrano wrapped dates on a thyme sprig. they have an amazing mai tai as well as vodka mascerated with lemon and rosemary that is served over crushed ice. yum.

        1. If you had to choose the better happy hour Olea vs. OBA

          1. Does anyone know if Fenouil has a happy hour? What about Silk? I haven't seen their new menu.

            I really like Bluehour and Olea. Bluehour's happy hour food is more of a full meal than Olea's, which tends to be a little snackier. Do you need to eat in the bar at Bluehour to get the happy hour? It seems like I've gotten happy hour priced food in the dining room, which really isn't a meat market. Oba's a mixed bag without anything being especially good, but there are a lot of options. At Andina you can get things in multiple sizes, which is nice. Their stuffed yucca, stuffed peppers, and ceviches are great.