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Jul 28, 2006 04:04 PM

Susiecakes now open

I'm not really a cupcake connoisseur and with so many offerings around town I'm impressed how they all seem to compete. This latest entry is more local for me and sports a smart environment with a nice selection that includes both chocolate and butterscotch puddings, pies and an array of large and small cakes. We tried the chocolate mocha which was very good as was the chocolate peanut butter and the red velvet which tasted, well, pretty close to others I've had at 'Em's, Sprinkles, etc. They come in at $3 which still puts it below Sprinkles but does acknowledge the rent considerations. A friend tried the whoopie pie which I'm told is an east coast favorite. It's a domed shaped brownie like cookie sandwiched with an Oreo like vanilla filling. Pretty sweet. There's negotiable parking in back with Cold Stone Creamery and the rest.

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  1. I had the whoopie pie too. I loved it - the chocolate cookie was soft and chewy, it was just too big. Check out my photos of Susiecakes:

    1. Wow! Nice job. Thanks.

        1. Went Friday afternoon. Got a variety of different flavors such as mint chocolate, red velvet, orange creamsicle, chocolate, coconut and vanilaa. Liked the red velvet the best. Cute and simple decor. You forget the price of a few cupcakes totally add up.