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Jul 28, 2006 04:04 PM

The Little Door...been lately?

I've been looking through old threads about The Little Door and there isn't much posted in the last year. Have any of you eaten dinner there recently? I've had drinks there a couple of times and am considering it for a romantic dinner. I know the setting is lovely, but is the food good as well? Any dishes you recommend?


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  1. I had a mother's day dinner there, four of us total, me and the SO with his mom and her SO. I was surprised that the food was so..... bad. I mean this place has been in business forever (+5 years is a long time in LA). I remember two things: a morel appetizer, very, very, very small (like 2 mushrooms) that was about 20 bucks. It tasted okay, not amazing. And my steak, which was supposed to be a ribeye but did not look like any ribeye I had ever had, I was however assured it was (that was about 40 -ish, I would have no qualms with 40 if it was a tasty steak, but..)

    Also, our waitress was so condescending. SHe actually laughed at mom's questions. OUCH! I know waiting tables is hard and you get a lot of dumb questions, but laughing in someone's face? Do it in the back of the house.

    Addtionally, she dropped our check with the dessert, picked it up while we were still eating (which would have been fine if we had told her we we in some kind of hurry), then proceeded to slip into a nearby room, change clothes and leave through the back door while we were still sitting at the table, all in plain view.

    I wanted to like this place. I had heard good things about the atmosphere, but I won't be back unless it's just for a glass of wine at the bar.

    1. i haven't been in like 2 years but the food was stellar [as it has been everytime before then]