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Jul 28, 2006 04:00 PM

Recent trips to Tamarind Bay?

Has it maintained its quality? Haven't been or heard about it in awhile. Thanks!!

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  1. How recently? I was there about a month ago and it was superb, same as always.

    1. I was there on Monday, and the food was great. The service was a little off: We didn't get water refills till we were almost done eating, they kept trying to clear things before we were ready, and they seemed befuddled by the fact that one member of our party was arriving later but we wanted some appetizers in the meanwhile. But we really didn't care. We were too busy eating.

      1. I had the lunch buffet on a recent Saturday (price was $9.99, if I recall). It was good, but not great. The tandoori chicken wings, nice and spicy, were my favorite. After two previous dinners there, I continue to think Tamarind Bay is the most over-hyped Indian restaurant in Boston, not the best. Personally it is not even in my top 3 in Cambridge/Somerville, preferring Kebab Factory, Namaskar, Diva and Diva's sister on Brattle Street in Harvard Square (name escapes me at the moment), just to name those that come immediately to mind.

        1. I agree with the chowhound who said that TB is over-hyped. The service could definitely be better - last time I was there in the spring - the waiter *repeatedly* spilled cupfuls of water on my plate as he tried to refill my glass but was too busy staring into space. Not so professional.

          1. i was there two weeks ago with party of four and i am still recovering from the bad service. i made a reservation a day ahead and arrived at the cramped dining room with the staff fumbling to seat us. the food came fairly quickly and it was very nice. around 55 per person with two drinks each, not bad. it took 15 mins to clear dishes, 15 more waiting to get waiters attention for check, that didnt happen. went to front desk and just asked to please pay because we had another engagment to be at. the waiter swiped my card twice for the same amount. he didnt even tell me. on monday i had a LOT of money charged and i used a check card (argh never again!) so they didnt help me at all. they stated that they had voided it. my bank stated they hadnt. two days of going back and forth, i wondered if they even knew how to use the credit card machine. finally after seven days my bank credited me and i have a claim in progress. yeah i will never be going back. the food was good not great and the experience was horrific.