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Great, cheap tacos – finally!

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I’ve been to many taco places (Yuca’s, Tito’s) in my life, and though I’ve tasted some pretty amazing tacos, I’ve yet to find a mind-blowing one. Well, my search is over, and you’ll never believe where I found it.

They are perfect: Two small corn tortillas, a scoop of succulent, marinated carnitas, a sprinkling of fresh white onion and cilantro, and hot sauce on the side. The chicken variety is just as appealing; the meat just melts in your mouth and the flavor is, for lack of a better word, AWESOME. They’re quite small, like real tacos should be.

The place? Del Taco on San Fernando Road in Glendale. Those Tacos del Carbon are fantastic! Go ahead, flame on, but I love those little ditties.

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    1. Although Del Taco's del Carbon tacos aren't bad, I think you're kidding, right? How can anyone compare Del Taco's fast food chain restaurant tacos with places like Yuca's. Sorry, not a big fan of Tito's Tacos. I don't get what's the big deal with ground beef hardshell tacos. I can get such tacos at Taco Bell for 79 cents and not wait ridiculous lines to get them. Maybe that's an exageration but I'm not that far off.

      You need to try the taco's and the tostada Ceviche's @ La Estrella on Fair Oaks and Villa in Pasadena. Now that's authentic and delicious!

      1. No I am not kidding! Del Taco's tacos are delicious.
        La Estrella's food is substandard mexican fare.

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          Now I know you're trolling and looking for bait.

        2. I'm with Joe...Yuca's is definitely the best taco I've had in LA. Del Taco? While I think it beats Taco Bell, any place that serves a side of fries with a taco is probably not the best place for Mexican...

            1. OK, i'll bite on this one. I was forced to drive thru at del taco the other day while heading out with my wife and our daughter. While ordering some combo with something i didn't really want in the first place the guy asked if i'd like the tacos el carbon instead. Looking at the line behind me and my daughter growing impatient in the backseat, i quickly agreed and figured what the hell, none of it is going to anything more than filler anyways, right? Well imagine my surpise when i bit into the chicken taco el carbon and actually got something decent for my 79 cents! The steak one was even better! Of course, they sabotaged the whole thing by giving me french fries. But I could have sworn the smartasses in the drive thru had run across the street and picked up some legit tacos from the hole-in-the-wall joint run by and frequented by people who appreciate real tacos. I think that the real corn tortillas and the heavy dose of onions and cilantro is what did the trick. Be advised that this is not the usual pakcaged dumpy corn shell filled with gringo seasoned ground beef and topped with iceberg lettuce and cheddar cheese. These are soft corn tortillas actaully served wrapped in foil, with diced chicken or steak and accompanied by a healthy slathering of said cilantro and onions. Now I'm not going as far as to say that these things knocked my socks off. Being in OC, i havent been to Tito's or Yucas yet. But there is a plethora of legit and authentic taquerias restaurants in OC, so I'm not a guy who doesn't know real mexican fare. Nevertheless, for a drive thru of a fast food joint, these were as close to the real thing that can possibly be mass produced. That said, i'd take a half-a-dozen of the real thing from aforementioned hole-in-the-wall for the same price any day of the week. But any port in a storm, i suppose. Flame on.

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                Hmmm. Who would've known. I'll give it a try this weekend.