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Jul 28, 2006 03:39 PM

need help with vague description

A friend recently returned from a Toronto vacation and recommended a restaurant for our upcoming vacation. The only problem is her description was very vague, and she didn't remember the restaurant's name.

She said it was Italian, relatively new (she thought 1-2 years old), named one of Toronto's best (but didn't know by whom) and was near the waterfront. She said her 8-year-old loved it. That's all I have to go on.

Anyone have any ideas what restaurant this can be?

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      1. Was it ON or was it NEAR the waterfront? The two places already mentioned are ON the waterfront (i.e., lakeview from restaurant), while places like Romagnia Mia (which has won awards for their risotto) and La Fenice (which has won the DiRONA award) are NEAR the waterfront (i.e., 10 - 15 min walk from waterfront). Also, was it a sophisticated menu? Places like Pizza Rustica serves maily pizzas and pastas, is a 10 minute walk from the waterfront, has won "Best Pizza" awards from Now and Eye magazines, and could be interpreted as an Italian restaurant although I would simply call it an upscale pizza joint.

        1. There is also Il Fornello at the Harbourfront. Rigth beside Lago.

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            Il Fornello does not match the "newish" criteria, they've been there for several years if not over 10.

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              that's true. I just thought since they were with a kid, Il Fornello would be it. I believe they have a kids menu. Also, they are in the top ten on Zagat's 2006 survey...

          2. I'd guess Porticello as well. I think it opened in 2004, it's very well rated, and very definitely on the waterfront.

            On a side note, award winning Romagna Mia hasn't been the same under the current ownership. I used to have great meals there. Last time I had one of the worst ever.