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Jul 28, 2006 03:28 PM

Sandy Hook/Highlands sat nite

think wife and i are going escape nyc tomorrow and hit sandy hook. i haven't been since i was a kid. looking for suggestions for post beach grubby seafood dinner. what's bahrs like these days? anyplace else?

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  1. I've never been to Bahr's as it has always been described as an average over-priced tourist spot. I recently had a very good seafood meal at Inlet Cafe just down the road from Bahr's. Based on reports on other food forums, others have been saying good things about Inlet Cafe as well. Its not "grubby" or inexpensive (specials in the $25 - $30 range; entrees in the $20 - $25 range), but it is casual and a good after beach type of place. Highly recommended.

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      I'm a fan of the Inlet Cafe as well. They serve a great chicken quesedilla sandwich as well as all the standard seafood favorites.

    2. the inlet cafe also offers sandwhich's & burgers in the $8-$10 range as well and large salads for a few bucks more. I happen to think it's worth the trip and more enjoyable then Bahrs.

      1. looks great. thanks everyone! i can taste the steamers already..

        1. Another option is Pirate's Cove in Belford off 36. They have a nice deck on the water and I've had some good meals there. Inlet Cafe has a bar and Pirate's Cove doesn't- I'm not sure if it's BYO.

          1. Bahr's has not been very good lately. Took relatives from Indiana there for fresh seafood and even they were disappointed.