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Bourdain on Beirut

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  1. thanks for posting...excellent (and very sad) story

    1. Yes - thank you - not a huge Bourdain fan, but that touched me.

      1. thanx. i enjoyed the story, too.

        1. Love the way he writes. Great story. thanks for posting

          1. This is probably a really dumb question, but how do I get the full story? The page says to click on the "sponsor logo" to read the article. If that's the capital S in the top left corner, I've done that and still can't get beyond the first paragraph.

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              You have to click on the actual sponsor image if you will - in my case it was an AMEX card.

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                Thank you. I don't see a sponsor image but it's probably blocked by our firewall. I'll have to do this from home.

            2. I, too, thought the story was good. I was sickened by the ugly responses to the article, though. I thought Salon had a better-educated, less maniacal group of readers.

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                I love Bourdain's observations. His books are fabulous.

                Very sad to see that people get reduced into the roles of victims and aggressors during any sort of war. We no longer see the personalities and the quirks that make them interesting and vibrant.

              2. On July 26, Bourdain did a live chat on the Washington Post website regarding his experiences in Beirut. He has such a distinctive voice in his writing, even in a short answer forum like this one.

                Here's a link to the chat transcript for y'all. This is the first time I've tried putting in a link, so if it doesn't work, hopefully it can be copied-and-pasted.


                1. Thank for you the link. I have a tremendous amout of respect for Tony Bourdain's writing and his outlook on like. I appreciate the way he wrote about it from his standpoint and based on what he saw. Anyone who is familiar with his shows knows about the respect he has for local cultures and people and this article was no different.

                  1. I adore Tony Bourdain. This piece is a great example of why.

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                      There will be anAugust 21 show on No reservations on his trip to Beirut. I hope that it reflects the tone of his piece on Salon.

                      For the life of me I don't see anyone having a problem with the piece. It is a reportage of his experience, no one, on either side of the conflict should feel animosity. Well, he was pretty rough on Hezbollahj, but rightfully so.

                    2. Tony Bourdain's piece is well written and thoughtful He is reporting on his own experience, being caught in the middle of an armed conflict.

                      I don't see the problems with this piece either. This forum is no place for political debate, but I do appreciate his observations and well written reportage.