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Jul 28, 2006 03:03 PM

Chinese on UWS

My friend is in from out of town and is craving some "New York Chinese." She mentioned Ollie's but it is usually a madhouse there, and we want to be able to sit and catch up without feeling rushed. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. you're not going to find good chinese on the uws....if you want to linger, you may have to overpay and go to shun lee.

    1. Go to Shun Lee cafe (not the formal restaurant-it is next door)on 65th street I think off of Bway/Columbus. They have a dim sum cart plus a menu that is not nearly as expensive as the formal dining room but equal in taste/quality. The place tends to clear out near 8pmish when the Lincoln Center crowd leaves....well worth the extra $'s.

      1. 88 Noodle House, on either Amsterdam or Columbus & 88.

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          I love 88 Noodle House but for delivery only as the ambiance is lacking big time. We ate there once & it is not a destination spot at all. In fact, we actually thought the food tastes better when delivered & ironically it took forever to get served eating in while we are always amazed at how quickly they deliver. Their entire operation is geared around delivery. It is very cheap & while the quality is good it is not great, no where near Shun Lee cafe for example. anyway if the point is to go out & eat chinese in NYC, I'd go somewhere other than Noodle 88...

        2. Hunan Park on 71st and Columbus is very good.