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Jul 28, 2006 02:45 PM

Organic Garage - Kerr St. Oakville - great prices and selection

Just stopped in at the Organic Garage which has opened up in Alternatives old space on Kerr St. At first pass, I was pretty impressed with the selection and prices. I picked up some BC cherries and 1/4 watermelon, both organic and relatively inexpensive. They tasted amazing. I also picked up something I'd never seen before -- coconut water in tetrapaks that touts itself as a better alternative to sports drinks for a bunch of reasons. They have plain and lightly flavoured. Tried the plain, not bad and have yet to try the Mango flavoured one I purchased. I was also surprised at their selection of everything and promised myself to make it a regular stop when I am in Oakville.

I believe Alternatives lost the battle with the newly opened Whole Foods. I'm not a huge fan of Whole Foods, so hopefully this place will survive.

Anyone have any other experiences with this store?

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  1. Absolutely - Organic Garage rocks! The coconut water to which you refer - Zico - is really nice. I particularly like the passion fruit essence one.

    OG is so much better than Whole Foods for the basics. Rao's pasta sauce, for example (truly one of the world's great jarred sauces) is $11.00 at Whole Foods, about $4 less at OG. Amy's frozen dinners and pizza are about 25% less at OG.

    Great store!

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      That is great news on Amy's Pizzas. My Loblaws has stopped carrying them for some reason. I'll try the passion fruit Zico and the Rao's on my next visit.


      1. re: dinin and dishin

        One more thing worth trying there: "baked samosas." They have Chicken (superb) and tofu (pretty decent). Cheap - like $5.00 for four really huge and well-stuffed samosas. Not grasy, not deep-fried. You can find them in the same section as the take-away casseroles, etc.

        1. re: YYZSolly

          That is funny that you would mention samosas. The only reason I found OG is because I go to the Indian Restaurant on the corner of the same mall for their samosas. 3 for $2.00. Usually very good, but last time they weren't as crispy and brown as usual. I am thinking that they may not have had the oil at full temp and rushed it as I was waiting for take out. The Indian grocery store in the same mall if also a very good source for more exotic ingredients at great prices.

    2. Whole Foods is called Whole Salary (I think) on some boards. I can't stand the place, except I am quite taken with their ground turkey. It is just to PC for me. And I mean that in the stylish way.

      1. I found out about the OG from the elk meat vendor at the Good Food Market and Festival this year- what a GREAT tip! I had a blast roaming through the aisles and trying some neat new stuff. Their organic meat section was impressive- the organic sausages with herbs and sundried tomatos were an instant hit! I'll definitely be back!

        1. Ya I also noticed on my last trip to Loblaws that the Amy's frozen stuff was missing, I thought maybe I went crazy or something. I wonder why? Does anyone know?

          1. So OG is cheaper than Whole Foods (who isn't). How much more expensive than, say, Loblaws?