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Jul 28, 2006 02:44 PM

Lunch around Sugar Sweet Sunshine?

heading to sugar sweet sunshine to satisfy my cupcake craving today. Any suggestions for a quick but yummy lunch around the area? Will have to head back to work after.


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  1. El Castillo de Jagua, my friend. Just up the street, on Rivington at Essex. For the Cuban sandwich, or whatever else catches your fancy.

    And, if there's any leeway on your craving (or possibly room alongside it), I think SSS's banana pudding is more worthy of consumption than any of their cupcakes.

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    1. re: big o

      oo..let me see if I can get a menu off menupages for the restaurant.

      as for the banana pudding - i agree it's delicious.. i might have to get one too..and those yumyum bars.. but i've been seriously craving their pumpkin cupcakes.

      can you tell i have a sweet tooth?

      Thanks for the reco!

        1. re: sashimi

          I didn't mean to sound as though I hate SSS's cupcakes. Their lemon cuppers are among my all-time faves. And I do enjoy their pumpkin, though I prefer to get it in big-cake slice form. Ditto the coconut.

      1. Falai Panetteria
        79 Clinton at Rivington

        Frankie's 15 Clinton Spuntino
        17 Clinton btwn Houston and Stanton

        Dash Dog
        127 rivington btwn norfolk and essex

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        1. re: calypsogirl

          I find dash dogs to be the most disgusting hot dogs I"ve ever had - waxy and gross, I'd prefer a 7-11 hotdog over those and I don't find 7-11 dogs to be very good.

          1. re: wingman

            heya...well, to each his own! i like the stone dog there. but honestly i think only at 3am. lol!

          1. naked earth cafe on rivington between norfolk and suffolk does good salads and sandwiches, cibao on the corner of clinton and rivington has excellent dominican-style chicken soup, and soy on suffolk between riv and delancey is great for homestyle japanese.

            1. thanks for your suggestions everyone!!

              The goal heading out was to eat at Dash Dogs (coworker has been wanting to try it)...but being the smart people we were, we didnt take the address with us. so we ended up going to soy (place that i've been meaning to try for ages) and we had a great time. The food was yummy - we started with the hijiki salad (seaweed, tofu, mushrooms), a very nice clean simple taste. i got the spicy tuna with avocado and sushi rice as it was too hot for the ramen w/ vegetables. Just the right amount of tuna and spicy sauce, on top of avocado with the perfect amount of vinegar-y rice .i would definitely go there again. I never would have ended up there today if I didnt catch wleatherette's post before we left.

              i got my little box of cupcakes for dessert tonight - 3 pumpkin and 1 bob (and one ooey gooey in a baggie for now).

              I am satisfied. *ahh