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Jul 28, 2006 02:32 PM

Joe Beef,,,is it for real? or is it a joke!

I finely went to Joe Beef after hearing and reading some pretty good reviews about the place. I don't want to get into the decor of the joint, because there is none, but just have a few remarks about the food. For starters we had oysters, fresh and good, no complaints here. Second, parfait of foie gras and clams casino. Foie gras was OK but the texture was more like a chicken liver pate and was surely not worth $20, especially when it is advertised as PARFAIT of foie gras! Clams Casino were full of grit and sand, burned bread like crust and the clams so badly overcooked that it was hard to even find a clam in the shell. Crab Bake came in a small round baking dish full of a creamy sauce and lump crab meat that resembled the texture of dried out card board. Halibut was properly cooked but the presentation was in a oval casserole dish (as in, it just came out of the oven!) but the dish was stone cold. The fish was sitting on top of a minestrone (soup), 34 bucks? A nondescript dessert and, that was the first and last visit for me to Joe Beef. The best thing about the evening was one of the partners (chef's) sitting at one table with a couple of other guys talking real laud about all the lousy restaurants in Toronto. Maybe he should go eat at Garcon! fairly close to his restaurant and get an idea what is happening in Montreal. Or Ferreira's Cafe! I loved both of those places.

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  1. Wheres the BEEF? You go to a place called Joe Beef and only order fish? Just kiddin- I've heard in the past the place was good, maybe not.

    1. Congratulations, this is the first negative review of Joe Beef I've seen. It had to happen some time.

      1. Was there couples of weeks ago and it was a memorable dinner.
        O.K. the "Parfait de foie gras" is good but not exceptional, but...

        We have some Crab (generous in Crab) Cake crispy on the outside and marrovy on the inside; Aspargus with a huge portion of mozarella (a real one); Absolutely fantastic "Breakfeast scallops" (5 bigs scallops with egg, bacon and "sauce hollandaise"); Juicy beef "onglet"; A whole fish (a "sole", dont remember the variety) and some fresh vegetables.

        All very very good, fresh, hot (if have to be)in a great ambiance place.

        The bill was a little pricy but it worth the cost.

        I surely return to taste the ribs...

        1. My experience mirrored that of the original post. I found the oysters well shucked, the fois gras parfait very dissapointing and the main dishes, in my case the lobster with linguini, uninspired. As an aside the wine suggestions I elicited from the server were awful. None the less, I can't say that it was bad and maybe if I lived in the area it might very well become a regular haunt. However, to my mind it is not a top restaurant in Montreal although it charges like one.

          1. The original comment has been removed