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Jul 28, 2006 02:25 PM

Anybody gone to "yatai asian tapas bar" in hollywood?

I've seen yatai asian tapas bar's "great" user reviews on citysearch. Has anyone gone to this place? Because 21 reviews in a month seems that the place is faking it... So, if you know how stuffs are like at the place, leave me some sort of a review please.

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  1. I ate there a couple weeks ago and it was very good. I'm usually hesitant to order raw dishes at places like that, but every fish dish we had was very fresh - the white fish carpaccio is particularly yummy. The veggie and tofu dishes were good too (especially their shishito). The only thing I would reccomened staying away from are the rolls. While the fish is good, the rice is un-vineagared and wrapped in a soft soy wrapper rather than seaweed.

    All in all, it was quite a positive experience. The decor and atmosphere is excellent. The outside patio is really nice and gives not even the slightest hint that you're sitting on Sunset because it's so tranquil. The staff was friendly and the prices are very reasonable. With two people splitting 7 tapas style dishes and a cocktail each, our grand total including tip was $90. Definitely a place I'd go back and would reccomend without hesitation. If I wanted to be picky, I'd say the sake list could be a little better, but that's really a minor point of contention.

    1. It's OK. Kind of a strange mix trying to be Thai, Chinese, and Japanese. Some trendy dishes, specials and an uninspired sake list. The decor as well is just OK. Everything is trying a little too hard and just doesn't quite work. It's the type of restaurant that you never feel like going back to even if you don't exactly know why. BTW, is anything real on Citysearch?