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Jul 28, 2006 02:21 PM

Best Chinatown Dim Sum?

I like Cafe Evergreen on the UES and Dim Sum Go Go in Chinatown, but both are more pricey than what I'm looking for this Sunday. I've been to a few of the other seemingly generic places in Chinatown, but in my mind they've all blended together into one mediocre mass.

In Chinatown, which places taste great and won't have an absurdly-long wait on Sunday at noon?

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  1. Well somebody asked the same question about Chinatown dim sum restaurants yesterday so you can flag that post as it jumps around. On the second point if the place isn't terribly crowded on Sunday at noontime you probably wouldn't want to go there. That's absolutely prime time for dim sum (probably because of all the Chinese diners who work every day except Sunday), so if you want to minimize your waiting time you also have to accept a lesser product. The standard advice is go early before the crowds get out of hand.

    1. I'm Rather fond of "Dim Sum Go Go" myself. Always good, and a huge variety of dumplings, many unique. You may have to wait a very long time for a table, as there are no reservations, but it's worth it. The service is speedy, and if you share a table, you can make new friends!

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      1. I've eaten at the Golden Unicorn several times for dimsum in the past few months and am staggered by how cheap it is. Went w/my nephew (a growing 16 year old) ate till our guts were ready to bust and the bill came to $14. Returned w/party of 6 adults and w/some drinking beer the bill came to $90 and we ordered just about everything that came by including some noodle dishes out of the kitchen & a chicken feet dish that I didn't have the nerve to sample but one of the guys loved it.
        Bottom line, it is good cheap dim sum & then some...

        1. golden bridge is currently my fave dim sum spot in chinatown. i've never been at prime time so i can't tell you what the wait is like. the place is big so maybe you won't have to wait too long.

          1. Definitely try Jing Fong on Elizabeth Street. Based on the recommendations of many others on this board, I went there a couple of months ago and it was outstanding. Prices were reasonable/cheap. Try to get there before 12 -- like 11:30. I think we go there even slightly earlier and didn't wait, but it fills up fast. If you do go, a few tips: you can chase the carts down rather than waiting for the selections you want to come to your table; there's a table in the middle area, against the wall, that has items that don't come around in a cart -- you go to them.


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              If the health department has allowed them to reopen.