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Jul 28, 2006 02:08 PM

Grand Sichuan in Chelsea

I might be going here for dinner tonight. Any recommendations/specialties that I must try my first time there?


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  1. Hot and Sour soup is the best.

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    1. re: eve

      It's good, but I believe I remember it being a bit sweet.

      I posted a list of recommendations in the following thread:

      I will copy and paste them here, although they are presumably too late for you to use this time:

      At Grand Sichuan, stick to Sichuan and Hunan food only - no American-Chinese, Cantonese, of Shanghainese. I live in the East Village and go to the St. Marks location more often, nowadays, but I recommend the following (taken off the Grand Sichuan Int'l Chelsea menu at

      45. Sichuan Wonton W. Red Oil
      46. Sichuan Cold Noodle
      47. Dan Dan Noodle W. Chili Sauce
      48. Ox Tongue, Tripe W. Hot & Pepper Sauce
      50. Five Spiced Beef
      52. Beef W. Hot & Wild Pepper Sauce
      53. Beef Tendon W. Hot & Pepper Sauce

      Hmmm...Is the Cucumber with Scallion Sauce cold dish now "Cucumber with Garlic"? I've always liked the cold cucumber at this location as well as the Midtown and St. Marks locations.


      68. Kung Bao Chicken (on their American Chinese menu but a genuine Sichuan-style dish - even better with "Not Long Refrigerated" chicken
      )109. Braised Whole Fish W. Hot Bean Sauce
      111. Braised Whole Fish W. Scallion
      113. Smoked Tea Duck
      118. House Bean Curd W. Spicy Sauce and Minced Pork (I believe this is the English name they're giving for Mapo Dofu, unless that was 164. Bean Curd Family Style)
      123. Aui Zhou Spicy Chicken
      124. Crispy Quail
      145. Cellophane Noodle W. Minced Pork
      159. Sauteed and Dry String Beans W. Minced Pork
      171. Sauteed Duck & Bitter Melon
      174. Sour String Beans W. Minced Pork (I had this a few months ago, and it was a knockout!)
      175. Spicy and Sour Squid (another favorite)

      Don't get lunch specials, but do consider dishes from special menus like the Prodigal Daughter's menu (like the excellent spinach and ginger dish) and seasonal specials for Chinese New Year.

    2. You *MUST* get the Hunan Beef. Its OUT OF THIS WORLD!
      Also get the Wonton in hot oil and the Garlic flavored shrimp.

      Be careful not to order random dishes off their menu....most of their dishes are a little too "exotic" for our American

      1. gui zhou chicken is really delicious
        dan dan noodles
        agree about the sichuan wontons in red oil
        ma po tofu
        cooking pork

        1. Although I haven't ordered it at the Chelsea branch, double cooked pork is often very good at the other branches. If they ask you if you want the fatty or lean pork, ask for the fatty.

          1. another vote for the chong qing spicy and aromatic chicken, but it's a pretty hot dish, so be prepared. Photo evidence: