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Jul 28, 2006 01:48 PM

Vinho Verde in Somerville/Cambridge?

Had Vinho Verde for the first time and fell in love. Is it widely available in the Somerville/Cambridge area? More specifically, areas easily accessible from the T around Porter/Davis? I don't have a car, and it will break my heart if I have to go to Dorchester to buy more! Would the liquor store in the Porter Sq mall have it? (Next to the Star Market.) Or the small little liquor stores lining Highland Ave? Thanks! Also, if anyone has any recommendations... I had Santola and thought it was delightful.

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  1. You can find vinho verde almost anywhere. Trader Joe's has a few different kinds and all of the larger liquor stores have it. The discount liquor store on McGrath highway (forgetting the name) has a lot of different varieties too.

    1. The $3.99 one at Trader Joe's is eminently drinkable. WAYYYY too drinkable, as a matter of fact...

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        The good news is vv is lower in alcohol, so you can guzzle it and still stand up. Perfect for the summertime!

      2. I can't believe it's been at Trader Joe's this whole time. I feel like I've been living under a ROCK. So cheap! So tasty!

        1. There's also a nice one I've seen at someother liquor stores, called Gazella. Beautiful light blue bottle, with f little square pictures on it. Usually $5-$6...

          1. You can get Casal Garcia just about anywhere in Boston, but there are much better VVs out there (and in my opinion better than TJ's).

            660 Liquors and Jerry's Liquors in Union Sq somerville should both have more selection. Jerry's and SavMore on McGrath carry 5L "garrafao" of Vinho Verde (about $14) which are pretty good quality. Beware of buying vintage VV in locations that don't sell much -- its meant to be drunk young, so you might be paying more for something that has passed its time.

            The restaurant Portugualia on Cambridge St in Cambridge has one of the larger collections of VV on its wine list and is a reliable restaurant for seafood.

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              Thank you. SavMore is the place I was thinking of. A friend of mine loves the VV so I always stop in there for a bottle or two enroute to her place.

              Of course Jerry's is great, too.