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Jul 28, 2006 01:33 PM

Any difference between Sterling and Fairfax Wegman's?

I am treking from Bethesda- according to Map Quest there is only a 2 mile difference. I have been to Sterling. Is there any benefit to one over the other.

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  1. I've heard the Sterling Wegmans gets pretty crowded. I haven't been there for a few years. I'm near the Fairfax one, and it's not crowded most of the time. Plus, it's close to I-66 and Rt. 50, so easier for you to get to from where you're coming from.

    1. The Fairfax one gets pretty crowded on the weekends. Really, the parking is the biggest problem there on the weekends, but on weekdays and weeknights, it's much better. But agreed, the location of the Fairfax one is much more convenient from Bethesda.

      1. 1) No tolls getting to Fairfax.
        2) Fairfax has ample parking even when its crowded, unless you must have a spot up near the entrance in which case that can be problematic at times as it would anywhere. And, since they have so many people working the registers, even when its crowded its a quick out. The problem is is very frustrating to try to navigate a cart through the produce, bakery, meat, cheese, etc (i.e. non-aisle) sections when its crowded...mostly due to the fact that most people mill about aimlessly while attending to their kids/lists/cell phones etc and it's not really set up to force people into bi-directional movement.

        I've only been to the one in Sterling once and it was literally packed at about 2pm on a weekday. It was before the Fairfax one opened though...I'm assuming the second location has alleviated crowding at the first.

        If you go on a weeknight its fine.

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          I've been to both many times. I can't explain exactly why, but I like Sterling better. It just seems to have more room to "stretch out," tho it's probably an illusion. It certainly is nicer that everything is on the same level. It's also a bit easier to get to IMO, tho certainly further and there are those tolls as Lowbar pointed out.

          Best parking strategy for Sterling IMO is to find a spot along the side where the Market Cafe is. Generally you can get a spot closer to the door, and you don't have to cross the busy traffic street in front of the store to get in.

        2. I take advantage of the underground parking at Fairfax for easy in and out. Though it really only works on weekdays. Weekends are a crap shoot.

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          1. re: Meg

            I have gone to Wegman's in Fairfax and have never not found a spot. I don't mind being far away, I just want to be able to park.

            I have gone to the Wegman's in Sterling...pre Fairfax opening...and have not a spot to be had, with dozens of cars patrolling the parking lot and annoyingly following people as they walk away from the store.

            However, once finally inside the store, I do remember it being easier to get around inside the Sterling location when it is fully hopping than it is in Fairfax. I haven't been to the Sterling one since Fairfax opened so really my opinions are useless, maybe i just like to hear myself type.