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Jul 28, 2006 01:29 PM

How to pay - cash vs credit

I have what may be a stupid question or even a pointless one. But here goes anyway. For high end dining (Charlie Trotters, French Laundry, Inn at Little Washington, etc) is it in some way poor manners (not sure if that's the exact word I am looking for) to pay for your meal in cash? I honestly have never seen someone pay with cash at a place like this and haven't paid with cash myself.

Sometimes I'd rather just pay cash instead of putting the meal on the credit card, but wasn't sure if in some way it would be frowned upon. I would think cash would be preferred so the restautant wouldn't have to pay the credit card fee, but at the same time, cash is considered "dirty" and full of germs by many.

What are your opinions?

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  1. If you pay with new bills there's nothing to worry about.

    1. You get points on the credit card for paying on it, and so long as you're not carrying a balance on the card month-to-month, there's only an upside to paying via card. Also, the prices the restaurant charges assume you are paying by card.

      But, if the service was good or reasonable, it's best to tip in cash.

      1. I'm sorry I don't understand. It is considered rude to pay in cash? Yes, money is dirty. So is everything in the dining room. The chair you are sitting on was not degermed from the last customer. Nor were the salt and pepper shakers. If we think about the germs we would never go anywhere.

        If they don't want cash, they can give me a free meal.

          1. You would be doing the restaurant a FAVOR if you paid in cash. They pay a percentage for every credit card charge.