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Zihuatenejo - Best places to chow

I will be heading to Zihua in September -- first time. I'm looking for the best restaurants in every price range, but would like to avoid the touristy spots (like those in Ixtapa). Any recs welcome! Thx!

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  1. We stayed and dined at the Villa De Sol - excellent food.... call ahead. you can eat on the beach.

    They have 2 places to eat - and on a few nights they have themes - so you might want to choose the non-themed place on those nights. It was bad food - but a little gimmicky.

    Have a blast.

    1. I stayed at Casa Que Canta and loved their restaurant -- especially for a special night out. In town, La Sirena Gorda had the best fish tacos. It's casual, outdoors & inexpensive.
      Stay away from Ixtapa though -- I had the most dreadful italian meal there on a boat in the harbor. yuck.

      1. Both Villa de Sol & Casa Que Canta have good reputations for a high-end blow out meal, the only negatives I hjave heard on either is the treatment some people who were not staying at the resorts feel they have gotten.
        Zihua is full of small, family run, reasonable to not-so restaurants with excellent Mexican and seafood.
        We love Tamales y Atoles Any downtown, La Sirena Gorda's fish tacos and other seafood are fantastic, right on Fisherman's Walk, and have always had a good meal in several of the palapa restaurants on Playa Las Gatas.
        You should try to find one or two of the Zihua boards and do some more research. Try to post back here with any finds!

        1. Here are some boards to check out. There are so many places to eat. When we were there, we loved La Casa Cafe for breakfast, De Donde Eres (next to La Casa Cafe) for dinner and hit several different places in La Madera. Try the bakeries....they're awesome.

          Both of these websites have maps, lists of restaurants and message boards. Tons of good information but you have to read through a bunch of hooey too!


          1. My vote for a nice dinner at Casa Que Canta and a more down home meal at Tamales y Atoles Any.

            1. Isn't there anyplace decent in Ixtapa? I wanted to stay in Zihuatanejo, but it wasn't possible. Of course, we will go to Zihua some days, but not for every meal.

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                There are plenty of decent places... they are just more expensive than Zihua. Some you will probably enjoy:

                Senor Itto (Sushi chain with successful places around Mexico)
                Beccofino (Upscale Italian with a view)
                La Fonda at Hotel Barcel (Pan Mexican)
                El Galeon (Local Seafood)
                La Valentina (Contemporary Mexican... Mexico City offshoot)

                There are lots of solid, little casual seafood eateries... just eat where you see a crowd of locals + cleanly surrounding.

              2. I can hardly recommend "Tamales y Atoles Any" enough. I had two phenomenal meals there a couple of years ago. Down to earth, non-pretentious environs... and super food.

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                  we were at tamales y atoles any at least 7 years ago and still talk about how awesome it was any time i know someone is heading to zihua i tell them to go there

                2. Ok maimouna....where did you go?

                  I'm heading back in January and will post on where we ate.

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                    Headed back to Zihua in two weeks, will be staying at La Casa Que Canta. From my last trip, our favorites were Tamales y Atoles, La Sirena Gorda, La casa, Villa Del Sol on the beach - so this thread pretty much nailed it.

                    I want to try something new this time...I just like food - don't care if it is nice or not. On the nice side, anyone try Amuleto?

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                      How is the food at La Casa Que Canta?