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Crispy whole fish ?

Any suggestions on who does a good (and tasty) crispy whole fish (snapper, black sea bass etc) in the city.

I've had it at Pampano (ok), Le Coloniel (pretty good) and Rain (dry and served with chips). Open to different cuisines but something with a tasty sauce (tamarind, chilli etc to help cut the grease).

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  1. I've tried a couple of different kinds of crispy whole fish at Barbounia and really liked them all.

    1. We really love the crispy pan-fried flounder at Hop Kee (downstairs at 21 Mott St.). It's not breaded, yet so crisp you can chew up some of the bones and it doesn't have any heavy or greasy mouth feel. It's plated with bit of a soy-based sauce - no sauce on the side - and you'll find yourself tipping the plate to get the last few spoonfulls (spoonsful?) onto your rice.

      We've tried crispy whole fish at other restaurants - many different ethnicities - and have nearly always been disapointed. Perhaps because the first one we ever had was at Hop Kee and expect others to be that good. I don't care for the heavily-battered, deep-fried fish that comes to the table dripping in a sweet sauce.

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        Deenso-u took the words right out of my mouth-same here-i love the flounder at Hop Kee-not a fancy place but memorable dish!

        1. 2nd pam's. i've tried a few of their many different preps (i think there are like 8?)

          i also like the karei kara at typhoon on st marks and 1st, a japanese izakaya. its a whole fried flounder and comes with a ponzu dipping sauce with grated daikon. you eat one side and flip it over to eat the other. tasty.

          1. A lot of Shanghainese restaurants serve crispy whole yellowfish (or sometimes croaker), usually with a vaguely sweet and sour sauce. Joe's Shanghai and Joe's Ginger do a good job.

            1. Saigon Grill on Amsterdam and 90th has a great crispy whole fish (I think its snapper?). Even when we order take-out, they deliver it so quickly that it is still fresh and crispy!

              1. Make it your self. Take a whole branzino, score the sides, dust it in flour, and drop it into a pot of 375 degree olive oil. It's kinda expensive because of the olive oil, but man is the payoff worth it. Golden Brown Delicious.

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                  I know you posted a long long time ago, but I just tried this tonight and it was super fast, easy, delicious. The fish stays moist inside the crispy crust - but not at all greasy tasting. Thank you!

                2. BLT Fish had a really good whole red snapper.

                  1. Ethos on 3rd Av bet 33-34 has excellent fresh whole broiled fish that is very crispy on the outside.