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Jul 28, 2006 12:53 PM

Blues Barge / Intrigue Cafe

Has anyone gone to the Intrigue Cafe on Wednesday night, when they have the Blues Barge?

I was down at Rowes Wharf Wednesday evening and happened to be there right as they started playing tunes. The music was great, and it looked like the Intrigue Cafe Terrace was pretty busy. Has anyone tried the food there? Is it worth doing for dinner, or is it better just getting a drink, listening to music for awhile, then going somewhere else nearby for dinner?

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  1. OK, this is going to come off as negative and petty but here goes...I went a couple of weeks ago because a friend of mine was singing. It was as hot as hades and there were plenty of empty tables outside. So I ask to be seated and was asked if I was there for dinner. I replied that I was just going to have a drink and was told that seating was only for diners. I was completely put off by this policy. So if you want to just have a drink, you'll have to sit inside at the bar with the music muffled.

    That said, I have eaten at Meritage and it was fantastic.

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    1. re: Patricia

      To be fair. It is not their rule it's the city of Boston's rule. It would have been smart to explain that to you.

      Here is the wording from the city website.

      5. ....Outdoor cafes must serve dinners. No one shall be seated in an outdoor cafe for the sole purpose of drinking alcohol."

      I too have not been impressed with Intrigue but I do love Meritage.

      1. re: BostonZest

        Tia's and the outdoor bar across from the Chart House are the only 2 exceptions that I know of.

        1. re: BostonZest

          That is specifically for sidewalk cafes it seems and maybe the other places with permanent outdoor seating are not subject to that rule (or ignore it). I won't name names but I've been to some of the places on Newbury/Boylston for drinks without eating.

      2. I posted a (long) review of my experience there a week or so ago. FWIW, I won't be going back, even for the music, at least until the Summer Series ends and they take the music and dancing back indoors.


        1. Sadly, I must agree with peelmeagrape. We ate at Intrigue a couple of weeks ago on one of the Blues nights -- neither food nor service warranted a return trip.

          1. Too bad. It's such a perfect spot for a drink, too. Oh well, maybe I'll go this Wednesday and stand around to listen to the music, then go to some other outdoor spot for a drink and a bite to eat (unless it's 105 degrees out!).