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Jul 28, 2006 12:37 PM

Night out in the EV

We have 2 friends in town and want to take them out for drinks and dinner to a place they wouldn't see upstate. Any ideas for a place thats fun and/or trendy, has very good food, and reasonable prices (entrees under $20)? We prefer East Village/LES, but would consider elsewhere below 14th St. We have to be able to get a res or walk in around 7 tonight (Friday). No sushi. They've already been to Inoteca. We have a reservation at Stanton Social, but the one time we went, I wasn't very impressed; I felt like it was too much flash and overpriced for what it was. We were considering Mo Pitkins, Zerza, Kuma Inn, Kasadela (our go-to place), Perbacco, and Grand Sichuan, but open to al recs.

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  1. Schillers on Rivington and Freeman's in Freeman's Alley are both pretty fun, and nice places to show people. Definitely fun, trendy and pretty good food, too.