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Jul 28, 2006 05:43 AM

Number of McDonald's visits in the last 5 years

From the replies I've read on the 'MyChow' pages, obviously I alone am keeping McDonald's in business.

Doing a small sampling since the new site software, out of maybe 100 'MyChow' pages I've looked at THREE admitted to visiting McDonald's more than 5 times. The majority say once or zero.

I don't buy it ... not McDonald's ... the answers.

I listed McDonald's as one of my top five restaurants because, quite frankly, I eat there more than anywhere else, averaging at least one visit a month. It's gotta be a favorite then, right?

While none of the food is amazing ... well maybe the fillet o fish, fry and orange drink combo ... it is decent and consistant. I like the ice cream cone though it is the one item that is WILDLY different from restaurant to restaurant.

McDonald's for me was consistant and fast. I will say that in the last year due to Chowhound's influence, I eat there less often. I get less lazy because I wonder what interesting restaurant is nearby. I'd rather have the adventure.

However, it is one of the places I stop off-hours. I know that at 2 in the morning or before 6 am it might be the only reliable food available.

So what gives? Is this like being to ashamed to admit you read trashy novels or watch trashy tv?

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  1. I left that question blank (see update). I responded to only the questions that were fun for me. So, count me among the ashamed non-admitters in your tally.

    However, because I posted in a "healthy chains" thread on this Board recently wherein I recommended McDonald's fruit & walnut salad, I think I'm a little off the hook.

    The salad is wedged red & green apples, a dollop of low fat yogurt, and a packet of candied walnuts. And I know this because, yes, I've eaten at McDonald's in the past 5 years. More than once. I've also indulged in their egg McMuffin-- sans cheese- when late for work and in need of something heavier on the protein. McDonald's is on my way to work.

    Yes, I'm reluctant to admit this because I'd prefer to claim a palate so refined and a chow-heart so pure that dining on anything other that locally-grown, organic honeycrisp apples, hormone free yogurt (or Fage, better yet), and imported Spanish candied walnuts would send me spiraling into some horrible princess-and-the-pea meltdown.

    Then, I remember my handle and lighten up. :)

    As far as eating from the rest of the menu at McDonald's, I probably do choose it over other chains, because, like you, I find it more consistent. Also, I've used McDonald's bathrooms all over the world, and always at least order a beverage to be polite. I've ordered a happy meal once or twice because I wanted the toy. And a Shamrock Shake for nostalgia reasons (although, I can never finish them and usually remember I don't really like them).

    In spite of all of that, I don't consider it a favorite. Aside from the circumstances described above, it's a choice I make when I'm in the middle of nowhere and need something to eat to keep my blood sugar in check. Usually, I opt for the plain hamburger. With a side of fries if I want a guilty pleasure, though, frankly, the guilt almost always overwhelms the pleasure, so I seldom bother anymore. I've tried their salads and have never been thrilled. I ordered an Asian chicken salad recently (which came with a free yoga DVD), which is an improvement over their other salads, but, still, I usually order a burger because that's what they do best, so to speak.


    1. I answered 25 or so. A hamburger All-American meal is comfort food for me.

      1. I left it blank too. I rarely eat at fast food places any longer mainly out of concern for my cholesterol counts (hello Lipitor, good bye fast food!).

        However, I do admit that when I'm about to get a migraine I specifically crave McDonalds for whatever reason - the high salt content, the high fat content, the take-me-back-to-my-childhood comfort zone of it, whatever.

        There is nothing like a Big Mac and fries at that time to make me feel just a wee bit better. Doesn't get rid of the headache - but does lift my mood somewhat.

        And I do enjoy the vanilla/caramel/nut sundaes for a buck :-)

        I can live without any other burger chains. None of them do it for me at all.

        And as far as other fast food chains, if they had written "how many Popeye's have you visited" then I'd have to be honest and have answered "far too many for my own good". If it weren't for that darn cholesterol, I'd probably treat myself to it a lot more than the once monthly treat I allow myself.

        1. I answered that question- and have not been in five years. Just don't like it!! I do like Burger Kings- love their whopper Jr with cheese. But- due to health issues, I very rarely visit BK. I think it has been more than a year since my last visit.
          I love food, love to eat out, and am trying to keep my sugar/ cholesterol levels in line. I have also lost a good bit of weight, and want to keep it off. I usually save my calories for a nice night out at a restaurant with a bottle of wine and LOTS of bread!!
          Wish I could go to BK all of the time.

          1. I used to eat there more often than I do now. I don't know if it's just getting older or if I just ate there too much once upon a time, but I really can't stomach it anymore. I used to adore the Filet O' Fish, but now I get nauseous just thinking about it! And the fries the last couple of times I've had them have been really nasty... they just aren't the same to me! (Consistent is not the word for the McDonald's around here!) My 5 was probably a very conservative number... I can't remember back 5 years, so I was mostly going with the last couple of years, I think! I still like the occasional breakfast though, as I mentioned in my profile. Actually, come to think of it, I have trouble with most fast food lately for whatever reason. The only thing I've been able to handle lately is Taco Bell, and I just got out of a stage where I couldn't deal with Taco Bell, so maybe McDonald's will come back full circle!