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Best Caterer

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We're getting married in Astoria and are trying to find a great caterer. We can pay a reasonable price (not even sure what that means anymore!) but don't want to break the bank. Looking for unique and tasty dishes that are presented artistically.

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  1. Matt Miller Culnary Productions (based in Westchester) does travel to NYC. He has an excellent reputation. He does everything from classic high end catering to homey casual barbeque. I highly recommend them. (914)945-7177

    1. Try Abigail Kirsch... I don't even know if the company goes out to Astoria.. but her company does good stuff.. you can look it up online... abigailkirsch.com

      1. Try Caperberry Events/Great American BBQ Co. also out of Westchester, but they do travel well

            1. It's been awhile since this question was asked, but I do have a strong opinion: Naturally Delicious on Court Street in Brooklyn served the best catered dinner (including dessert) I've ever had in my entire life. They're wonderful to work with, and, as far as I know, very reasonable. Their name sounds crunchy-vegan, but they're not: the menu was creative without being fussy, and the food was unbelievably high quality.