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Jul 28, 2006 04:36 AM

good eats in venice?

planning on going to venice with my mom on monday and was wondering what is good around there? lunch and dinner suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Yum - Can't you go with your mom on Tuesday?

    Jin's Patisserie (1202 Abbot Kinney - #310.399-8801) would be perfect for late morning-afternoon tea and small bites in the garden. They have heavenly teas, tasty little sandwiches, and luscious desserts and candies. However, they are not open on Mondays (T - Sun: 10:30am-7:00pm).

    Maybe you will go somewhere else on Monday, and if you don't finish your conversation, you will see her again on Tuesday and go to Jin's.

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      I totally agree with liu's suggestion on Jin Patisserie. Kristy Choo is amazing and I've been totally in love with her and her banana-chocolate marscapone cake ever since she was at the StarChefs Rising Stars Revue in May.

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        FoodieMcFood -- Yes, as magical and talented as Kristy Choo is, if she is there, she always has enough time to talk with her customers. We were having tea on the patio one afternoon, and she came out and practically sat with us to visit. Of course, all we could utter was "wow, wow, wow.! We just couldn't get more intelligent than that. Her tea -- and everything else! -- is wonderful!

    2. Dinner:


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        i love joe's (as i'm proclaimed on this board on a regular basis), but it's also closed on mondays. hal's on the other hand is open and very lively on monday nights because they have live jazz.

      2. I would skip Hal's and Primitivo because the food is pretty un-inspiring. Chaya, Lilly's, and Joe's are all very good, with Joe's topping that list. If you're looking for something more casual, La Playita (Rose/Lincoln) is a great taco stand. The ceviche is particularly good. Or you could have breakfast/lunch at Rose Cafe, which has a really relaxed, nice atmosphere and good, fresh salads and sandwiches.

        1. I've always had good, not great or excellent, but definitely good, and very reasonably priced breakfast, lunch and dinner at Cafe Marguerite, 123 Washington Blvd. near Pacific Ave. The seafood soup at night is excellent. Their soups in general are excellent. Everything else is good to very good and won't break the bank. Some people complain about the service, I've never had any problems with it.

          1. AXE! Highly recommend this place. On Abbott Kinney--fresh ingredients, very light Californian/Med cuisine. Barcelona ambiance. Simple candle lit feel for dinner. Never been disappointed.

            For lunch--French Bakery on Abott Kinney. Sit outside on the patio and have a sandwich on a damn good french baguette.

            Steer clear of Primativos--over-priced and bland food.

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            1. re: cgoldsmith

              So great to hear a good review of AXE! I passed by this place and it looked great, but I had heard complaints of the service, particularly the snooty hostess. cgoldsmith: What did you have there?

              Been dying to try Joe's, and am looking forward to trying LA PLAYITA and Jin's too!

              Steer clear from WABI-SABI, the Japanese restaurant on Abbott Kinney. Decent quality, but overpriced and the service is way too rushed!

              1. re: cgoldsmith

                Ate at AXE last week. It's in my hood. It's pronounced "ash- shay". Can you say pretentious?

                First off the good- Nice ambiance, simple, modern and clean. The lamb skewers is amazing.

                The bad- The rest of the menu is uninspiring. It taint cheap. And the service is freakin' HORRIBLE. I waited and waited and waited to get water, silverware, have my order taken, getc etc. Meanwhile I'm watching my wannabe-actor waiter chatting it up with the other wannabe actor waiters and hostess.

                This is not an islolated incident mind you. It's how thisn place is.

                Skip it. Go to Joe's or Pam's Thai around the corner from Abbott Kinney on Venice for solid tasty thai with a smile.

                1. re: The Chewy Kid

                  We had a similar experience at Axe, horrible service and a waiter who seemed to be going out of his way to ignore us. At another table, two women were desperately trying to get him to refill their wine glasses and finally one of them picked up the glasses, walked over to the hostess (because she was the only one who could be found) and handed the glasses to her, saying "can we get these filled please?"

                  We had great soup and dessert there, the filet was decent but my swordfish had to be sent back twice, once because it was almost completely raw and the second time because there was such a large piece of cartilidge or sinew that I couldn't cut through it.

                  The hostess did recognize that we had a tough meal, and I am generally very tolerant of servers, giving them the benefit of the doubt. We were given complimentary dessert and a free refill of our wine glasses. I appreciate their attempt to make things right, but I have to say, I love Joe's and for the money I would rather eat there.