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Jul 28, 2006 03:28 AM

Best Birthday Cake in San Francisco

Where's the best birthday cake? I like a classic birthday cake.

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  1. my favorites:
    Chocolate Tower Cake from Delessio Market & Bakery, SF. One I got feed 30 ppl w/ leftovers. It's very rich and chocolatey. Everyone that saw it was impressed and many wanted to know where I got it.

    1695 Market St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    (415) 552-5559

    my pic:

    or Princess Cake from Schubert's Bakery:
    521 Clement St
    San Francisco, CA 94118
    (415) 752-1580

    What I want to try is the After Midnight Cake from Citizen Cake
    from a website: "The After Midnight cake is dark chocolate interspersed with lighter-chocolate ganache and is coated with dark chocolate."
    399 Grove St
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    (415) 861-2228

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      Based on this thread, I ordered DeLessio's Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake (recipient likes mousse, doesn't like dark chocolate). It was beautifully presented and all the components tasted fresh and delicious, but in combination this was perhaps the sweetest cake I'd ever had, so sweet that no one at the table finished their piece. I think we all liked the first two bites and then became overwhelmed. So, I look forward to trying the Tower Cake for some future occasion but recommend against the Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake unless your sweet tooth is positively vast.

      1. re: bernalgirl

        that would be fair, probably best suited for chocoholics.

      2. re: hhc

        the chocolate tower cake from Delessio is outragous and sinful. I also thought it was priced very well.

        i recently did ice cream cakes fro Bi-Rite creamery that were a huge hit.

      3. The place that STILL has classic birthday cake for me ... despite its downgrading is Just Desserts. It has the right amount of butter cream in the frosting.

        Everyone else seems to have shortening in the frosting ... or at least it taste that way.

        Too many other places do frou-frou cakes ... and like you, I want a CLASSIC birthday cake.

        It took me many years to get over ... Citizen Cake laughed at me ... no, actually laughed at me ... when I asked them for a classic birthday cake. However, this was long, long ago when they were in the location that is currently Chez Spencer ... maybe I'm stil not over it.

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        1. re: rworange

          Agreed on Just Desserts -- if you're looking for a chocolate one, the Weekend cake is a great classic chocolate layer cake.

        2. So for those of us not in-the-know, what is The Classic Birthday Cake?

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          1. Earlier this year, I enjoyed a Chocolate Cream Layer Cake from Miette (in the Ferry Building) for a friend's 40th. The presentation was darling - simple and elegant. I found the cake to be light yet flavorful. It had an exact balance of bittersweet chocolate truffle ganache to light whipped cream frosting. Oh did I mention that I'm not a big chocolate lover?! The little Scharffen Berger cacao nibs make it fun to eat too!

            1. That's a fair question. I guess I was just wanting to find something that was like an old fashioned birthday cake. White cake, delicious frosting, decorated with something festive...including my name...