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Jul 28, 2006 03:23 AM

Bread for picnic in Santa Inez Valley

We are planning a picnic as part of a 60th Birthday celebration. We are bringing most of the food as we are driving down from East Bay area. I will need some good crusty french or Italian bread that I can pick up fresh on Saturday morning. We are staying in Buellton, but anything nearby would be fine. Thanks

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  1. In Santa Barbara (over an hour away), I personally think "Our Daily Bread" on Santa Barbara Street near East Canon Perdido makes the best. I am a big fan of their ciabatta loaf or rolls. Our Daily Bread products also can be gotten at Tri-Counties Produce on lower Milpas Street near the beach where it meets Cabrillo Blvd.

    But the Los Olivos Grocery [ ] on Highway 164 is only a few minutes going east off of Highway 101 much closer Beullton than Santa Barbara and has a pretty good selection of artisan breads as well and much closer to Beullton. They may even carry Our Daily Bread items. They have lots of other "gourmet" picnic items as well.

    Los Olivos Grocery:

    1. In Buellton is Pattibakes Bakery, just past the big shopping center to the east of 101, down a driveway to the right, at the rear of an office complex. I know them more for their sweet bakery goods, (I always stop there on day trips to SB) but give them a call. They make everything they sell right there! You could special order ahead, and be sure of getting what you want.

      here's an article about them: