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Jul 28, 2006 02:56 AM

EBISU - New Little Tokyo Izakaya from the Daikokuya People

Driving down 2nd today, I noticed that Ebisu - the new "japanese tavern" from the Bishamon/Daikokuya folks - has opened. Had no idea it was taking over the space it's in. It's right up the street from U La La (south side), arcross from the entrance to Japanese Village Plaza, T.O.T, etc.

Anyone tried this place yet?

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  1. Is it where the Madarin Deli was?

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    1. just opened tuesday i believe. won't be long before i check it out!

      1. Are they open for lunch?

        1. Just checked out the place last night. Very cute and friendly wait staff. I had the spicy tuna and salmon sashimi don. I thought it was a nice touch the ginger and wasabi were placed on shiso leaves. The spicy tuna had a heat that snuck on you and the salmon (though sliced thin) were 4 huge pieces. Very reasonable for $11.95.

          My friends ordered a couple of eel dons- OMG, HUGE pieces of eel. I was really surprised by the portion sizes. I definitely want to go back and try more of the bar menu.

          1. i went here last night.. i expected it to be more pubbish but it just felt like another japanese restaurant. their izakaya offerings are limited, more complete meals than small dishes.

            got saba, korokke, karaage.. everything was just ok.
            they don't have ochazuke.. boo.

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              They do have ochazuke, although we didn't try it! It was in written in japanese only on the menu.

              We went there last night, after trying to go to Daikokuya at 8:30 - it was CLOSED, even though on the website it says 10pm on sundays. We tried an array of dishes - good nabeyaki udon - nice udon consistency - bouncy and chewy, also had a nice light yosenabe soup with taro clear noodles. Tempura don was so so - tempura a little soggy since the lady poured sauce on the tempura before she served it to us. The black pork belly appetizer was good, but the pork wasn't as melt in your mouth as I had expected - but don't get me wrong, it was still soft and tender. Also had shumai which was a little soggy in my opinion, but the flavor was not bad. Shishamo was good, can't really mess up grilled shishamo. Spicy tuna roll was not bad, my favorite one still resides at Hide Sushi.

              4 of us got out of there for $53 plus tip - very reasonable. We definitely would go back for a snack. It has a nice decor.