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Jul 28, 2006 02:30 AM

BBQ Cookbooks

Can anyone recommend a good cookbook for BBQ'ng.

Or at least point me to any good posts on this topic?

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Be careful when you say "BBQ", since there are two distinct and different cooking methods involved. First, there is traditional baking or roasting in the oven, on a Weber, or whatever at a temp of 350 more or less. Then, there is true "BBQ" where you cook/smoke the meat at 250 degrees more or less for several hours.

    For the latter slow cook method, the authority to me is the Kansas City Barbecue Society. Forgive me for not doing the research, but the book I have is from 1988 called "The Passion of Barbecue". It is out print, probably has an updated version, plus I am sure that they now have a website. Look 'em up.

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    1. Barbecue Bible. We use it all the time!

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        Agree heartily. Raichlen is thorough and informative. I use his book on rubs and marinades all the time.

        BTW he has a website which he mentions frequently on his TV show. It's

        I emailed him once to ask about the turkey we had bbq'd following his recipe which was printed in the New York Times. To my surprise he replied promptly and was helpful and pleasant.

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          I too use the BBQ Bible, my other favorite is Weber's Big Book of Grilling, it gives cooking directions for both gas and charcoal.

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            Weber's Big Book is great too!

        2. re: melly

          It is the de facto bbq cookbook. I just gave it to my son for his birthday.

        3. Any of the books by Steven Raichlen - I'd recommend the BBQ Bible, BBQ Bible Sauces & Rubs, How to Grill, and BBQ USA.

          1. Smoke & Spice by the Jamesons is the best. as far as teaching the baisics of smoking, sauces & rubs. As far as a starting point you cannot go wrong with this one.

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              I second the nomination for the Jamison's book when it comes to getting started with the real McCoy. For grilling, you might have a look at _The Cook's Illustrated Guide To Grilling And Barbecue_.

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                I like the Cook's guide as well. I didn't use the recipes as much as I used it for technique.

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                smoke and spice is great for the recipes, though I find their techniques and temps a little off at times. But a great recipe that talks about real smoking.

                Ray Lampe's Dr. BBQ book is very good, as are Paul Kirk's. Both are excellent pitmasters.

              3. Legends of Texas Barbecue, by Robb Walsh-- as much for the history, pictures and flavor of Texas 'que

                Smoke and Spice and Sublime Smoke by the Jamisons, though adamclyde's caveats are right on.

                Ray Lampe a.k.a dr. bbq's Big Time Barbecue Cookbook is a great place to start-- his second book, BBQ All Year Long should come second if you like his first book.

                Anything by Paul Kirk.

                Raichlen's books are great for recipes (and Bbq USA is a fun look at 'que across the country), but his techniques focus more on cooking w/ a grill than a smoker/bbq pit.

                The others are all much more focused on low 'n' slow bbq than grilling.