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Jul 28, 2006 02:23 AM

Art Square

Has anyone been to this little cafe on Dundas Street across the AGO? I just stopped by for a sweet bite tonight and was pleased to find this cafe with sweet and savory crepes and specialty drinks. I had the sweet crepe with some great strawberry/rhubarb jam and a little bit of thick cream. A new nice find for me!

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  1. this is my go to place when i need a cup of illy. organic home made truffles, fruit juice thicker than any smoothie and great crepes do it up perfectly.

    the space is just fantastic to hang out in.

    1. It's a lovely spot; I am so glad that it is still around as you can never tell with small treasures like this.

      1. I just happened upon this place last winter after a roam through Chinatown - no idea how long it's been there. It really is quite a lovely spot to have a coffee and enjoy some art in the front room. I didn't try any of the crepes but they looked delish.

        1. I love this place as well. It's a great place to rest sore feet after a day of shopping and/or gallery hopping on Queen West. I wish it was open later (it closes at 10PM) - Toronto needs more late-night coffee houses.

          1. I hate to regret I had 2 horrible experiences at this beautiful place. Very unfortunate because it's such cool spot. So here goes... Basically it's the service. They just don't know how to run a restaurant worth beans. I waited literally half an hour for my crepe for them to tell me they didn't have the kind I wanted. No apology, no suggetsions for another kind gratis..nothing just a blank stare. Yesterday, I wanted to give them a second chance. They have foreign exchange students which is wonderful. The one that took our order hardly spoke any enlish. I saw it coming from a mile away. The owner didn't seem to care as her employee struggled with our order. The order came out totally wrong. The employee this time did give us the screwed up crepe for free. It looked delicious. We tried it. The goat's cheese was foul and stale. I took it up to the counter and another english speaking Australian foreign exchange student employeed offerred us another of the same crepe. "No thanks". He didn't bother telling the owner and even though she was a few feet away, couldn't be bothered to look as she aimlessly puttered around the kitchen doing nothing. I decided to speak up finally. I told her politely the cheese in the crepe was "off". She began to give me a nonsensical explanation of where they buy their cheese. It was rubbish talk. I walked over to my friend after again, no apology and plain old left the joint. Gordon Ramsay needs to yell at all those fools. To be honest that place is completely pretentious anyways. I'll stick to Crepe's a Go Go where the goin's good and they know what they are doing.

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            1. re: food face

              Alright, so the food & service was lousy, fair enough. But is the place "beautiful" and a "cool spot", as you say at the at the beginning of your write-up, and "completely pretentious", as you say at the end? 'Cause those descriptions seem to contradict each other.

              1. re: gregclow

                What is such a contradiction? Overall the place is a loser but it does have some good attributes in my humble opinion. I'm not that negative gregclow. It is cool and beutiful and pretentious too. Kinda like a lot of us here on Chowhound don't ya think?