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Jul 28, 2006 02:10 AM

Las Vegas Steaks Houses - worthy of a bachelor party - Suggestions please

Hello Fellow Hounds,

I am looking for some suggestions on nice steak houses: from the very chic to ghetto establishments. Only criteria is that they serve excellent steak, atmosphere does not matter as much and able to sit 8 people in one table. It seems like the top 4 are Delmonico, Prime, Charlie Parker and Capital Grill. If you can give a price range so that we can also figure out how much we need to bet that'd be helpful!

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  1. Charlie Palmer Steak at the Four Seasons (inside Mandalay Bay) is great for a group. We had 8 guys there a couple of years ago and they were very accomodating. Great food and atmosphere. I think we were probably $100pp without with a little wine, but lots of cocktails. It's very nice withouth being fru-fru, so you can make noise and enjoy yourself without odd looks from the other guests.

    I also went to Smith and Wollensky's in Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Certainly not the best steak place I've ever been to, but we reserved the kitchen table, which is basically a private room in the kitchen. All glass enclosed, so you can see the kitchen in action all around you, but you can't hear anything outside your room. It was fun to watch kitchen although it's almost too quiet in the room. No noise from other tables... nothing.

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      Thanks Barry for the suggestion! I really do appreciate it.

    2. I agree CPalmer is very good. And Prime is wonderful. Both are more formal. If you want something as good but with more of a Vegas/happening atmosphere, I would recommend N9NE at The Palm. It is excellent and has a great atmosphere where you can be a bit louder and raucous than at the others (not that it gets out of hand there.) But all three have excellent food and service.

      1. I would second N9NE - great fun, and ghost bar at the top of the palms for post dinner. and chow worthy.

        1. I hosted a great party for a bunch of guys in a private dining room at the Palm, in Caesars Forum Shops. Steak was excellent, with service of a cheerful and informed quality. We had a super evening, not cheap, but everyone felt very happy.

          1. The Steakhouse at Circus Circus. Very good!