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Jul 28, 2006 01:36 AM

parachuting into sacramento for lunch - where to eat, close to the cap?

flying in to sac for a meeting: where do the chowhounders recommend for lunch? preferably not a capitol hangout (NOT chops!) but close enough for a lunch expedition from the seat of government.

help! i can't take another mother india meal!

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  1. I like Old Ironsides on 10th. They have a website. I love their Greek Burger and their Blue Burger. I love the vibe there.

    I'd suggest Spataro's..but you don't want to be in a capitol hangout.

    Also Dawsons in the Hyatt on 12th and L is very good..but not sure if it is a cap hangout or not.

    I'd do Old Ironsides.

    1. I have always found Dawsons to be very good. I also like Frank Fats, across from the Bus Depot. Fats makes an increadible Chinese style steak and onions that is to die for.